Why sleep on a T.Silk silk pillow and pillowcase

How to get a natural rest

Silk pillowcase  and pillow of T.Silk Collection are produced in natural silk fibre and 100% T.Silk silk filling.

“Leonardo” the T. Silk pillow filled with T.Silk padding and T. Silk pillowcase  in the current reference market, represent the only real option capable of:

Deep following topics

What are we sleeping on?

Chemical elements

What would you say if…

What would you say if we said that for a third of your life, your face and hair are in close contact (by pillow and pillowcase) with fibres and elements that, deriving directly from oil, are subjected to substantial chemical transformations ? And the latter are able to distort their structure and composition, releasing dangerous chemical elements acquired or transformed during the different processes? 

Worst quality from recycling process

What would you say if…

What would you say if we told you that for a third of your life you will be in direct or indirect contact with fibres and elements that, although sold as soft, smooth and recycled are the subject of the greatest criticisms in terms of the real and effective sustainability of the recycling process from which they derive? 

Environmental pollution from microplastics fibers

What would you say if…

What would you say if we pointed out that in the few moments when you are not in contact with these products, during the most common operations to which you will subject them (such as a normal washing) , they release a considerable number of plastic microfibres into the environment, which, once they arrive in the water aquifers and basins, are aggregators of highly toxic elements and enter the food chain?

What is the pillow made of?

To the first reaction of absolute amazement mixed with disbelief, one would probably add extreme concern when reading, once in the bedroom, the composition label of the various products (pillow and pillowcase) on which we spend the time sleeping.

Pay particular attention to:

  • Synthetic fibres
  • Artificial fibres
  • Polyester padding or other names related to it
  • Non-certified and traceable cottons
  • Fibres and non-definable elements that through misleading marketing campaigns are defined as ecological/recycled

Why sleep on a pillow or pillowcase in Silk

Silk and T.Silk filling with their exclusive products T.Silk Collection represent the natural and sustainable way to achieve maximum comfort, well-being and health.

“Leonardo” T. Silk pillow and T. Silk pillowcase 

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