CARBON FOOTPRINT THE CHOICE THAT ELIMINATES CO2 Changing the environmental impact of the textile industry is possible by perfecting and using what nature has created and humanity has perfected in the best way. T.Silk is the real opportunity for sustainable consumption that supports the environment DISCOVER MORE 01 05 High performance HIGH PERFORMANCE NATURAL PADDING INNOVATIVE T.SILK® Development and innovation for those who seek research with an eye to a future horizon. Hi-Tech products for maximum performance in all climatic conditions with the utmost respect for the environment
Coltivazioni di seta HIGH PERFORMANCE NATURAL PADDING T.SILK® Inspired by nature, perfected by technology. Guarantee of naturalness, sustainability and biological standards, reuse and circularity, eco-sustainability and agro-ecological design, the fight against pollution, reduction of greenhouse gases and protection of the seas. "Microplastic Fibre FREE DISCOVER MORE 03 05 HIGH PERFORMANCE NATURAL PADDING T.SILK® An exclusive patent, an unmatched thermo-physiological comfort index, maximum balance between warmth and breathability, a natural laboratory of softness, well-being and thermoregulation DISCOVER MORE 04 05 shop T.SILK THERMO-SETA PRODUCTS Nature, research, performance, sustainability. An innovative project: T.Silk. A range of Hi-Tech products with high levels of performance: Setino Range - SilkGenera Range
For those really looking for ecological and organic products. Real comfort and well-being for physical and psychophysical health

The silk you weren't expecting


The only padding capable of combining performance, well-being, naturalness, the fight against pollution and body care in a single product. Ideal for the indoor and outdoor clothing sector, furniture, bed system, wellness and accessories

Perfect Thermoregulation

T.Silk® is a perfect thermo-regulator able to keep the body temperature constant and in balance in all climatic conditions and during all physical activity

Comfort and Well-being

T.Silk® ThermoSeta products accompany the body towards the thermal "comfort zone" avoiding climatic changes and sweating, taking care of bodily physiology, caring for and regenerating the skin


T.Silk® is 100% nature. A sustainable and circular agricultural system. A 100% organic production system. Two 100% natural proteins that are compatible and heal human skin

Innovation and Performance Made in Italy

T.Silk® is a project studied, conceived and produced in Italy. A national and European patent, a guarantee of Italian research and innovation on silk fibre for innovative products with excellent levels of performance

The silk: an unique raw material

There is no other fibre (natural or artificial/synthetic) that offers the same excellence as Silk. There is no other fibre that has its roots in history and culture. Cosetex, which owns the T.Silk® ThermoSeta brand, has been accumulating experience for more than 120 years and passionately innovating the discontinuous silk fibre and related products to create designs with real Green well-being.

T.Silk Products

For those who know what they are looking for

The products with T.Silk ThermoSeta®, Setino line and SilkGenera line are dedicated to those looking for real well-being for the physical and psychophysical health of their body, for those looking for a truly natural product, the result of modern and advanced innovation that is attentive to sustainability and respectful of human physiology and the environment. For those looking for a product with high technical performance and comfort. For those in search of beauty and Made in Italy produce.

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