T.Silk Pillowcase and Headband, care for frizzy hair

For silky hair

Laying your hair, especially frizzy hair, in the caress of the Silk Pillowcase  during the night, pampering and supporting it in the Silk hairband means giving value to your health, guaranteeing those microgeneration processes that peak during sleep and which affect the beauty, solidity and shine of hair.

Silk helps make hair more beautiful

 Frizzy hair

The constant use of a silk Pillowcase and silk Hairband favors the creation of a silk microenvironment for skin and hair, capable of avoiding the loss of the hair’s level of hydration, the main cause of its stiffening and lifting (frizzy hair) because it is seeking out and absorbing the humidity present in the air.

Natural T.Silk silk fibre enhances the structure of the completely smooth silk yarn, devoid of any superficial micro-scales and which, therefore, does not cause continuous micro-frictions, a contributory cause of frizzy hair.

Analysing the structure of a strand of hair and a silk yarn highlights how the structure and morphology are very similar.

 Sericin and fibroin
hair structure

Going into detail, the similarities become surprising and explain why T.Silk natural silk products are essential for comfort and hair care.

Silk fibroin like keratin in hair

The main constituent of hair (65 to 96%) is keratin, a fibrous protein that is also the main component of nails and body hair. Keratin guarantees:

  • Perfect balance between elasticity, strength and stiffness;
  • increase in elasticity when combined with collagen (fibrous protein);
  • high level of reproduction and regeneration of hair cells;
  • excellent structural support to the hair;
  • “generational” change, regulating hair loss;
  • high level of hair waterproofing;
  • high level of robustness arranging itself in flakes along the hair shaft.

Keratin is a fibrous protein.

Fibrous proteins are fundamental in the human body: they define the support and protection structures and determine the resistance level of the different cells. They are specialised proteins, attributable to common chemical elements, structurally arranged in bundles or sheets.

Other fibrous proteins are collagen, elastin and silk fibroin.

Silk fibroin is one of the main components of the T.Silk silk Headband and silk Pillowcase.

Because T.Silk natural silk products are essential for hair care

Daily use of the T.Silk products, silk Pillowcase, silk Pillow filling with T.Silk  Padding, silk Hairband means placing your hair inside a beauty and care laboratory that cancels the micro-frictions generated every time you change sleeping position, it prevents possible breakages, maintains the correct balance of relative humidity, avoiding dryness of the hair, the main cause of its weakening and frizzy hair.

Using the T.Silk silk Pillowcase and silk Hairband daily means giving the hair a high-protein habitat comparable to that of its composition, promoting its regeneration and shine. It means discovering truly SILKY hair.

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