T.Silk®, Re#Value Silk padding

By innovating its process, T.Silk® has created a line of Re#Value padding whose fibres are derived from pre-consumer finished products which, for different reasons (qualitative, fashion trends, excess production, scraps and cut offs, etc.), are upgraded through innovative processes, transforming them into a new fibre. Discontinuous virgin fibres in discontinuous silk are suitably blended with to produce 100% silk padding with exceptional characteristics.

A problem becomes... an opportunity

Continuous silk is the natural fibre in the form of yarn that is derived from reeling the continuous thread from the silk cocoon. Discontinuous Silk (scrap or Shappe) is the bulk fibre that is leftover from the world of continuous fibre in the form of wads, fibres and ribbons bound together in parallel.
Da un problema, un'opportunità

Secondary material but first by choice

Cosetex has developed and specialised in discontinuous natural silk fibres and its products are created by innovating raw materials which, for multiple production, technical and economic reasons, can be classified as production residues. They are materials made with production processes that have been designed and implemented to obtain other final products and which cannot be reused in the same process, but they can in others, in order to obtain semi-finished or finished products with different characteristics and uses.

Only silk... and what silk!

What characterises and makes T.Silk Re#Value unique and exclusive is the (patented) technology that makes it possible to produce 100% Silk padding. There are no other fibres, no additional cross-linked synthetic resins, two-component polyester, polypropylene. Nothing is added excepted the natural silk fibre and recycled natural fibre, except maybe the inventiveness and research of humans.
Materia secondaria ma prima per scelta
T.Silk Re#Value padding maintains exceptional characteristics in terms of thermoregulation, comfort, heat retention and breathability that only a 100% Silk padding is able to guarantee.
Riciclo No Grazie

Recycling: no thanks!

We can’t hide it, we don’t like the term “recycling” when it is related to silk. Silk is a natural fibre and must not be associated with synthetic and artificial fibres that found, whose existence can only slightly be justified in terms of sustainability through recycling. Where and when there are suitable possibilities, it can be revalued by reintroducing products that would be destined for waste-to-energy use. These fibres can be given a second life, especially when this second life becomes a guarantee of Value, Performance, Sustainability and Naturalness, free from pollution.
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