A research and development system for new products

T.Silk® is the exclusive patented 100% silk padding system with the naturalness of a perfect thermoregulator. For three generations, we have accumulated experience and knowledge in the textile field and in particular in relation to silk fibres. We are silk fibre suppliers to the most important international textile groups.
Cosetex owners of T.Silk® and Thermoseta brands has been specialising in discontinuous silk fibre for more than 120 years

Owner of the T.Silk and Thermoseta brands and of the European Patent for a “100% Silk Thermal Insulating Element”, Cosetex is an Italian artisanal/industrial organisation located in the province of Bergamo. For more than 120 years it has been specialised in the selection, production, transformation and innovation of silk fibres and discontinuous silk fibre in particular. Today it continues its consolidation and repositioning on the market with the desire to seek out new challenges, enhancing its historicity towards what we have defined “the silk you did not expect”.


We select, check and trace the best raw materials and semi-finished products directly from the source


We encourage the development of partnerships aimed at the innovation and improvement of processing methods and production yields, paying particular attention recovering materials and saving natural resources

Paths of innovation

We are constantly looking for paths of innovation that allow us to discover and develop new characteristics and applications of Silk each time. We develop new ideas and products in which Silk is the key element

Study and research projects

We actively participate in study and research projects with Italian and foreign universities, start-ups, public and private organisations, and companies focused on the industrialisation of products and processes based on silk and its proteins

A research and development system for new products

Complete "zero emissions" energy redevelopment
An innovative ventilated insulation and a new generation high performance photovoltaic system.
Used as cladding material of Cor-Ten steel
A material paradox capable of autonomously protecting itself from corrosion, creating a superficial oxidation patina with warm, intense and time-varying chromatic tones, offering natural aesthetic alternatives given by the unusual "elegance" of rust. A sense of experience and historicity given by the signs of time but projected to the future in its consistency, in its novelty, in the technological content of daring with respect to time. A material that "lives" and protects itself just like the silk thread and the cocoon from which it comes.
An architectural solution with triangular spans
It creates an immediate correlation to the historicity of the buildings of the old spinning mills and silk industries of the past but with the central body, in high-tech grey tones, which immediately projects into new worlds, in new areas
New offices and new spaces
Creative workshops of padding fabrics, showrooms, archives that have been telling our story and the database of our products since the end of the the 1800s.
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