Silk wadding T.Silk®

The material is 100% “Made in Italy”. The artisanal quality of the process, the careful choice of materials and exceptional creativity are the fundamental ingredients in the T.Silk® project. And they have made our products successful all over the world.

The excellence of the Made in Italy

Creating a product with T.Silk® ThermoSeta means associating silk fibres, which have always been synonymous with high quality, exclusivity, fashion and trends, with a series of qualities that are not found in any other natural or artificial materials. The material used is 100% “Made In Italy” and is synonymous with history and tradition because silk processing has been an Italian excellence since the 12th century. Ideal padding for:

Try T.Silk® products

To get an idea of the quality of products made with T.Silk®, you just have to try them on.
To give a foretaste of the sensation of excellence when buying an article, there have been developed advertising materials that describe the material and its characteristics.

Prodotti T.Silk
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