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SetinoDuo allows you to respond in a natural, sustainable and ecological way to the different requirements for heat levels, keeping intact the excellent thermoregulation characteristic of the T.Silk and the unique characteristics of Made in Italy production.

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Dimensions (cm)
  • 240 × 220 Queen
  • 260 × 240 King
External fabric
  • Silk
  • Cotton
Padding (g/mq)
  • 100/180
  • 200/280
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Intro SetinoDUO

Two weights, two levels of heat, one form of comfort

<ìThe ways of perceiving the level and intensity of heat and cold differ from subject to subject. Numerous studies and research have shown that women are more sensitive to temperature changes (in particular during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause) and the comfort zone they perceive is about 2.5/3.0°C higher than that of men.
Una sola risposta alle diverse necessità di calore

A single answer to different needs for warmth

During the night, differences in temperature perception between men and women tend to manifest themselves, often becoming reasons for clashes and disagreements. SetinoDuo allows you to respond in a natural, sustainable and ecological way to the different requirements for heat levels, keeping intact the excellent thermoregulation characteristic of the T.Silk and the unique characteristics of Made in Italy production.


Male metabolism is 35% faster than that of women. This causes a difference of about 4°C


A woman's oestrogen levels make the blood denser, resulting in a reduction in flow mainly in the capillaries of the peripheral areas of the body (hands and feet)

Emotional stress

Emotional stress phenomena, which women are more subject to, lead to vasoconstriction phenomena that cause greater sensations of cold


Thanks to the customisation of T.Silk, guaranteed by a 100% Italian production chain, SetinoDUO adapts to a wide range of mattress sizes and to the most common European and non-European formats. Choosing the correct size requires checking the dimensions and height of your mattress, bearing in mind that:

SetinoDUO has been created for a mattress height of between 20 and 30 cm thick, with the possibility of adapting to higher mattresses up to 40/50 cm;

SetinoDUO uses only natural silk fibres, (for the outside, also the finest cotton), this can cause a physiological shrinkage of 5 to 12%. For this reason we make sheet sets with slightly larger sizes

SetinoDUO also in standard sizes, made to measure based on the needs and requests of the customer

To use our site correctly and for a better choice of the product, the tables highlighted below show some of the standard measures commonly used:
In case of requests with special customised sizes, please contact our “made-to-measure department” by e-mail, indicating the required measurements. We will respond promptly with our best offers.

10 (+ 1) Reasons to choose SetinoDuo

It is the perfect natural double duvet for him and for her, but also for him/him and for her/her

It has two zones with different weights of T.Silk® padding that create differentiated microclimates

The body creates its own specific thermal balance with the padding

The differences in padding are not noticeable visually

Its technology and its innovative and exclusive Made in Italy formulation allow for creation and customisation

Also made to measure

Natural, sustainable and ecological

Actively fights the level of CO2 in the air


Beautiful, exclusive and Made in Italy

Dieci motivi per scegliere SetinoDuo
Confezione regalo T.Silk
Confezione regalo T.Silk
Confezione regalo T.Silk


Impress relatives and friends by giving a T.Silk product: It will be a beautiful and elegant gift, but above all comfortable! You can also choose the T.Silk gift box, which will make your gift even more exclusive and precious.

About us

Silk is gorgeous, it's exactly what I hoped it would be. Congratulations on a really good job.

Martina P.

As for the "perfect" product, nothing to say. Thank you for the samples, I have viewed them and I congratulate you: an excellent hand and consistency, excellent product!


I can say that I am not simply satisfied, but delighted with Setino's performance. I even use it without pajamas and it always keeps the same warmth, I don't sweat and it is also enveloping. Congratulations on communicating with your cards.

Costantino M.

I never imagined sleeping so well on your own pillow.

Giovanna D.

I was very satisfied with the quality and yield of your products! I had a great time! I also found the topper very pleasant and undoubtedly the pillow cases are fantastic!

Yuliana G.

It is a wonderful padding! Thanks for your kindness and availability, package arrived. I would say that all the products are wonderful, truly fantastic. I was afraid that the duvet was not warm enough for me, very cold, however, despite its "evanescent" consistency, I confirm that it produces a truly comfortable warmth. So now I sleep in a silk "cocoon" ... and it is a more than special feeling.

Ivana B.

Love your products!

Emily O.B.

The pillow cases have arrived and, as I expected, the quality of the silk is gorgeous. I am a lover of fabrics and the hand of your silk seems to me really particularly alive.

Clelia C.

Hello, Setino is an exceptional product, we have a great time! Just as you describe it, it warms but doesn't make you sweat, it keeps you warm all night.

Matteo M.

I appreciated your product for the quality and thermal characteristics that have made husband and wife agree on the temperature during rest.

Lavinia B.
SetinoDUO the double duvet with differentiated heat, two weights, two heat levels, one single level of comfort.
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