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The SilkGenera project, 100% Silk, designed for real well-being at the service of Health and psycho-physical balance, consists of a series of products that are born from two essential assumptions:

  • Making knowledge about Silk Silk and its protein, (read more in pdf) on the beneficial effects that these determine when placed in contact with our body and our skin;
  • Allowing this beneficial contact to take place in the best ways and at the right times, (during the night), in which the processes of regeneration, restructuring, self-repair mostly need an optimal context.

The SilkGenera project is 100% Silk in the products:

  • Padded night mask in silk for a sleep of regenerating beauty around the eyes;
  • Pillowcase or pillow for protection and care of hair and face;
  • Padded silk cushion for an experience of softness and natural thermoregulation;
  • Hair band for hair like silk.

The skin is the “barrier organ” that protects our body but also a complex structure that regulates the relationship of our body with the outside world.

Its protective function meets two criteria: health and beauty intended as internal and external well-being.

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The skin represents a bivalent shield: it prevents contact with countless harmful environmental factors and acts as a balancer by limiting the escape of water from our body.

To perform these essential actions, the epidermis layer must in turn be in perfect balance, defined as hydro/lipid balance (water between 10% and 35% with constant level of fats).

Any alteration to this fragile balance, caused by internal, (infections), or external agents (climate, pollution, cosmetics and aggressive clothing), determines health problems, imperfections and/or early and rapid aging of the skin.

Silkgenera: cell regeneration during sleep

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The SilkGenera project acts as a real aid in maintaining this vital balance through the proven and unique characteristics of the T.Silk Silk and the proteins that compose it, acting as a help and stimulus during those fundamental moments when the body needs more support in order to perform those cell regeneration processes, so fundamental for our health and existence.

The list of silk amino acids and their special contributions to the functioning of our health would already be decisive in themselves, but there are further important findings. Silk proteins perform a series of important actions placed in contact with the skin:

  • Preventing, through an occlusive action, the loss of water from the surface layer of the skin;
  • Reintegrating the natural hydration factor (NMF);
  • They are antioxidants preventing skin aging;
  • They are anti-tyrosinase creating the conditions for a lesser degree of spalling of the skin, especially following direct exposure to sunlight;
  • They have anti-elastase properties, limiting the excess production of elastase which causes a loss of skin elasticity with the formation of wrinkles and imperfections;
  • They have anti-apoptosis properties, stimulating the production of substances (bcl-2) that fight programmed cell death;
  • Reducing the effect of the enzymes responsible for skin aging;
  • They have antibacterial and antimicrobial

All this within a completely natural, sustainable and able to guarantee the absence of any form of pollution.

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