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T.SILK COLLECTION presents the revolutionary soft and innovative silk scrunchies and hair elastics. Mulberry silk scrunchies developed from the research and experience of Cosetex through the use of T.Silk 100% silk padding, the only filling capable of guaranteeing softness, control and hair care at all times of the day.

What are scrunchies?

hair scrunchies are the typical fabric elastics or hair ties that were fashionable between the ’80s and ’90s, which had the task of keeping the wearer’s hair tidy and creating new and modern hairstyles in a few moments. Over the years, they have become real fashion accessories and can also be used as comfortable and elegant bracelets.

How a scrunchies shoud be

silk satin hair elastics

The scrunchie must be able to maintain, thanks to the internal elastic, an optimal balance between:

  • the aspects of force and pressure that are capable of holding and structuring the hair in a certain desired position,


  • the maintenance of an area within which the hair does not suffer strain that may cause it to break or split


  • the care and health of the internal and external elements that make up the hair

Why choose a silk hair elastic

A silk hair scrunchies allows you to combine the beauty and the iridescent and glamorous colour typical of silk with an accessory that is very visible, and to guarantee a series of benefits that only silk can offer:

  • Hold and softness
  • Haircare without micro-abrasion of the hair
  • Hair health
  • Frizzy hair care

Why you have to choose T.SILK COLLECTION silk scrunchies

T.SILK COLLECTION silk satin scrunchies or hair elastics are innovative products with a holistic vision, capable of reinterpreting what the hair elastic can represent in ordinary daily haircare and hairstyle management.  A 360-degree view achieved through the combination of T.Silk 100% silk satin fabrics, which are particularly soft thanks to silk proteins with the innovative T.Silk patent for an exclusive 100% natural silk padding.

Scrunchies with innovative construction

The internal elastic, filling, and above all the external fabric, have been designed and assembled in order to guarantee structure, adhesion to the hair, and softness, with an absolutely smooth contact surface that does not cause any abrasion with the hair.

Scrunchies with healing protein

elastici in seta

Fibroin, a constituent protein element of silk fibre, when placed in direct contact with the hair, creates an environment that is highly conducive to the processes of growth and regeneration, preventing the harmful effects of pollutants and avoiding the dehydration of the hair and scalp.


Scrunchies with protective protein

Sericin, the adhesive protein of the silk thread, has the exclusive ability to balance and hold the single molecule of water and/or water vapour in the structure of the hair, structuring itself as a protective sheath that is capable of preventing intrinsic moisture losses, due to premature ageing processes.

Scrunchies with balancing padding

imbottitura per scrunchies

The innovative T.Silk padding made from 100% natural silk, placed between the elastic element and the external silk satin fabric, creates a totally natural space that is capable of increasing softness without decreasing the structure and cohesive forces. T.Silk filling combined with T.Silk silk outer fabric can:

  • maintain the temperature and humidity level of the area of hair being compressed in balance
  • allow the hair structure to breathe and avoid moisture accumulation, which is the main cause of the proliferation of bacteria and mould
  • protect the hair from adhesion phenomena of elements directly deriving from air pollution

Scrunchies - Customisation

The scrunchie is an accessory that we bring with us at all moments of our day, that characterises us, that represents our way of taking care of ourselves and presenting ourselves to the outside world.

T.SILK COLLECTION products allow a wide variety of customisations, from small logos to embellished initials. It is a customisation service that can create a strong bond with the silk scrunchies 

Because choose silk scrunchies over synthetic ones

Choosing a mulberry silk satin scrunchies mean putting your hair in contact with hair elastics for a prolonged time and in a condition of constraint and pressure, with natural healing elements that are capable of releasing sustainable elements that are highly compatible with the skin and scalp.


scrunchies sintetici

On the contrary, using hair elastics and synthetic fibre scrunchies means putting the hair in contact with elements derived from petroleum chemicals, capable of releasing substances that are harmful to the environment and above all to the body and its health

T.SILK COLLECTION silk scrunchies tie your hair up, starting from nature.

silk scrunchies for hair

Using T.SILK COLLECTION silk scrunchies represents choice the best silk scrunchies, represents a choice of natural products, not only with regard to your hair and your health, but it is one of those small actions that, when added up, allows you to guarantee and prioritise respect for nature as a whole, through a highly sustainable product and fibre that is capable of respecting the environment, preserving an ecosystem that can reduce the presence of CO2 in the atmosphere. 

T.SILK COLLECTION natural silk scrunchies, a choice from and for nature, a choice of beauty and health.

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