Natural eco-friendly (ecological*) padding

natural ecological silk for padding

T.Silk | The importance of natural and organic silk

Mulberry leaves are the main form of nourishment for silkworms which are used to make our Silk Padding.

The plantations of this tree maintain a natural and unaltered ecosystem, achieved by respecting and raising the level of biodiversity. “See more on agroecology and biodiversity” They represent a valid alternative, economically and from the viewpoint of workers’ earnings, to cultivations such as maize or corn where significant amounts of water resources are used.

The use of fertilisers and pesticides is reduced to zero since incompatible with the health and survival of the animals that feed on mulberry leaves to produce silk filaments.

Silkworm farming is mainly carried out in rural and agricultural environments representing an additional financial income for many families involved in other activities.

Greater attention to the quality of silk

The entire activity of T.Silk is fully in line with this scope, aimed at making larger amounts of silk available than in nature. Larger amounts of silk mean greater attention to the quality of silk and to a resource that is able to regenerate itself and is eco-compatible. On the basis of numerous agreements and partnerships, and as a result of a widespread presence in raw-material producing countries, T.Silk promotes and guarantees that the typical mulberry sericulture environment will remain unaltered, preventing at the same time the replacement of mulberry cultivations with other cultivations or with small and polluting industrial/craft activities.

We can go as far as saying that our small intervention is like a fair-trade activity which guarantees that the producer receives a fair price higher than the market price and ensures environmental protection. But T.Silk means much more:

  • Cultivations have seen an increase in the use of natural fertilisers with increased yield of mulberry trees;
  • Thanks to our intervention, the processing operations subsequent to the production of cocoons use 50-80% less water in their production processes;
  • We have replaced the few chemical agents used in compliance with European Directives and capable of avoiding the release of harmful substances;
  • T.Silk’s discontinuous fibre enhances materials coming from previous processing and guarantees re-introduction into its own traceable supply chain of high-value materials, which would otherwise be destroyed as waste;
  • T.Silk padding has obtained Oeko-tex certification;
  • T.Silk padding has joined TFashion, a traceability system promoted by the Italian Chambers of Commerce and managed by Unionfiliere (Italian association for the enhancement and safeguard of Italian industries), ensuring complete product traceability to guarantee perfect quality and adherence to high technical standards;

Purchasing a garment or product with T.Silk padding means being an active part of a new world and of a new way of conceiving and defining quality. It means belonging to and re-discovering our History. It means becoming aware of a new approach where eco-sustainability represents an authentic choice which can also help solve the enormous problem of pollution caused by microplastics  from synthetic textile fibres. It means making sure that our padding has the highest technical and thermal physiological features in the current state of the art of padding products, but it also means full respect for the term ecology …….100% Silk.

*“Ecology (noun – composed of eco- and -logy, term coined by the biologist E. Haeckel (1866) (original German term Oekologie)). Branch of biology that studies the relations between organisms or groups of organisms and their natural surroundings with  particular attention to the influence on the life of the organisms themselves. The term is used with a less precise but widespread meaning to indicate the need to preserve and defend nature and the set of measures aimed at removing whatever may disturb the ecological balance of the environment.”

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