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Silk Pillowcase

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Silk Pillow

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Silk headband

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Silk eye mask

Silk Pillow

This is so much more than a Mulberry Silk Pillows

Seeking refuge in beauty and softness

It is hard to deny that a good pillow guarantees you good sleep, just as a bad one leads to dreadful sleepless nights. In Italian we decided to use an old-fashioned word ‘guanciale’ for our silk pillow. Literally it reads “something you put under your cheek”, for it is something that is in direct contact with our face and cheeks, something that by definition has to be natural. Not only that: we also hope T.Silk Pillow represents the best of innovative and sophisticated sleep technology, with a traditional touch.

Its softness makes you enjoy the outstanding level of comfort. The shape of the pillow is designed to make your head, neck and spine be perfectly aligned and receive proper support. T.Silk pillow embraces your head carefully and tenderly, allowing you to rest better.

T. Silk 100% silk padding absorbs excess moisture, improves breathing and helps you avoid the proliferation of mites and bacteria responsible for rhinitis and allergies. It also regulates temperature like a charm, as it quickly adapts to changes in temperature and prevents overheating. Get more information or proceed to purchase now

guanciale letto in seta

A project developed to protect and regenerate your skin

It has been proven by research that certain physiological processes occur only during sleep, especially in the deep sleep stage.

SilkGenera products increase the positive effect of those processes:
collagen and elastin levels rise (and those are the proteins responsible for tissue elasticity and blood supply), cell division and self-repair go faster, and excessive toxins are removed.

T.Silk products contain sericin and fibroin, natural silk products which are highly compatible with the proteins in the human skin.

For this reason, silk boosts greatly the cellular activity and contributes to repair and regeneration of skin cells and hair on the microlevel. Buy now

mascherina per dormire

Good sleep can be achieved if all elements fall in place. The T.Silk pillow offers you a perfect equilibrium between natural materials, innovative methods, comfort, health advantages, softness and support. Buy now

10 (+ 1) reasons to choose T.Silk pillow

  1. I take care of my mental and physical well-being. I like to take good care of myself and I’m looking for products that respect my body in a natural way.
  2. A pillow must be extremely comfortable, responding to my body and being in harmony with my sensations.
  3. A pillow should be made of completely natural, certified organic materials.
  4. A pillow should create an environment that takes care of my face and my hair.
  5. A pillow must absorb excessive moisture and sweat, preventing it from settling on the skin and hair.
  6. A pillow should help me breathe easily.
  7. Whether during or after use, my pillow must release only natural substances and zero chemical substances.
  8. A pillow should stop proliferation of mites and/or bacteria responsible for allergies, rhinitis and dermatitis.
  9. A pillow should make your head, neck and spine be perfectly aligned and let you rest in the best ergonomic position.
  10. A pillow must look and be extremely comfortable
  11. I’m looking for a gorgeous product that brings the feeling of exclusivity and is made in Italy

Cuscino letto anallergico

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    Silk fiber is not just another material. We enhance its natural qualities through evolution of production processes and research. In this way we reach the outstanding level of performance. Doing our best while respecting the highest criteria of sustainability, is what T.Silk projects are all about. Buy now

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