Just the warmth you need

T.Silk® offers an incomparable comfort experience because is an excellent termoregulator that is able to help the body remain within the comfort zone.

A warm and breathable silk padding

The uniqueness of T.Silk®, in addition to being a completely natural, biological product totally compatible with the human skin, is that it possesses an incredible correlation between RCT (Thermal Resistance) and RET (Resistance to perspiration).
Laboratorio Termico

A fully fledged technical laboratory

T.Silk® is a real thermal laboratory capable of guaranteeing a high level of heat without accumulation: the excess heat is quickly released to the outside, preventing the steam/sweat from being absorbed and cooling.


This feature prevents padding from being the main stimulus for raising body temperature and potentially responsible for more sweating (a situation that can easily be found in synthetic padding and not available on the market).

Comfort in ogni condizione


When placed inside an item of clothing or a home textile product, in any climatic condition and physical activity or rest/sleep T.Silk® guarantees the interruption of that vicious circle of “sweating-cooling- sweating” responsible for the crisis of the thermal equilibrium of our body.

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