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Much more than a pillowcase, a friend of your skin and health, a companion for your relax moment

The T.Silk 100% Silk pillowcase is the real innovative aid to the regenerative and micro-repair processes of the skin at night, an aid to wellness, health, comfort and care of skin and hair, a beneficial element capable of facilitating correct rest

What is the Pillowcase

Generally, the Pillowcase is understood as a containing bag in different types of fabric used to contain cushions or pillows in order to protect them. According to some sources it derives from the ancient Lombard “Feder” = feather from which feather cushion subsequently used to indicate the containing bag.

The T.SILK COLLECTION Silk Pillowcase

Within the SilkGenera project, the T.Silk silk pillowcase represents the ideal travel companion for those looking for natural and effective care for their health and skin. A real friend for the skin, face and hair, considering that almost a third of our lives are spent resting.

What are the benefits of the silk pillowcase

The Silk pillow cover is created with the T. Silk yarn made of 100% Silk combining two essential features:

  • A smooth thread with absolute absence of micro scales and/or abrasions on the external part of the thread;
  • An innovative process that makes larger quantities of Silk proteins and natural ones available and usable.
  • An innovative construction Made in Italy
silk pillow natural filling

Silk Pillowcase - The benefits of a smooth and soft silk yarn

If we compare some natural fibers under a microscope, we can instantly verify how silk is a completely smooth filament due to the method of production (a natural extrusion). During the night there are countless movements of our body and face that happened in close contact with the pillow cover, pillowcase and pillow

filato liscio seta

A completely smooth yarn that create the silk pillow cover ensures that all those micro abrasions and micro lacerations that our skin may suffer due to rubbing with abrasive fabrics are highly reduced, if not absent. Micro abrasions that create micro lacerations and micro losses of water in the skin, tension, are responsible for infections and imperfections.

What a silk pillowcase does to the hair

The hair wrapped all night in a silk pillowcase, thanks to the smooth silk yarn, avoids having that combination of rubbing and micro-stresses responsible for frizzy hair and its loss of tone and shine, favoring increasingly smooth and shiny hair . The natural Silk protein (Fibroin) is a protein totally similar to the protein that makes up the hair (Keratin) and is therefore capable of transferring healing and regenerative elements. The hair sleeps wrapped in a caress of health.

What silk pillowcase does to the skin

During the night there are numerous voluntary and involuntary movements of the head and face. Any movement in contact with the bed pillow cover causes friction and friction with the fabric covering the pillow. Every microrub that occurs with the T.Silk silk yarn guarantees the absence of microtears and skin care. Putting your skin in contact for many hours with the fabric of a pillow cover, a fiber free of chemical elements, made up of only natural proteins that are highly compatible with those naturally present in the epidermis, means guaranteeing health and well-being.

Silk Pillowcase - The Silk yarn with more Silk and more nature

The T.Silk yarn, thanks to an innovative natural treatment, is able to make a greater quantity of silk proteins and natural proteins available to our skin and hair. During the nocturnal micro repair and regeneration processes, a greater quantity of silk proteins applied to the fabric that makes up the silk pillowcase is able to accelerate the physiological repair process, thanks to amino acids, enzymes and proteins with exceptional effects.

Why sleep with a silk pillowcase

Sleeping with a silk pillowcase means taking care of your health and beauty as silk and above all the innovative silk of the T.Silk silk pillowcase allows you to:

  • Balancing thelevel of hydration, reducing water losses;
  • Balance and control the NMF (natural hydration factor);
  • Simplify the care through a deep antioxidant action;
  • Protect and regenerate, avoiding the spalling of cells following excessive exposure to UV rays, (anti-tyrosinase);
  • Simplify the production and synthesis of collagenand elastin;
  • Limiting the overproduction of elastase responsible for the loss of elasticity causing imperfections, deterioration and surface wrinkles;
  • Stimulate the production ofBCL-2 substances that limit the processes of programmed cell death;
  • To guarantee the lack of accumulation of humiditywhich causes the proliferation of mold, fungi and mites;
  • Ensure a natural antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial action.
  • Creating a silk pillowcase for skin and acne

T.Silk pillowcase an innovative construction - Made in Italy

silk pillowcase

The T.Silk mulberry silk pillowcase, designed starting from the T.Silk yarn, enhances its action and exceptional characteristics, thanks to a 3D orthogonal weaving structure capable of guaranteeing extreme softness and perfect adhesion of the fabric to the progress and morphology of the face and hair.

The combination of the silk pillowcase with the T.Silk silk pillow, made even more performing thanks to our special and patented T.Silk padding will allow an unrivaled level of comfort and well-being with the combination of the regeneration of the scalp and skin , night after night you will discover the real difference and the numerous advantages compared to a silk pillowcase different from T.Silk, to a common pillowcase made of other fibres, natural or even more so synthetic.

An embrace of health and beauty:


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