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T.SilkShield is the first mask with the exclusive 3LSILK (3LayerSilk) formulation that combines the maximum personal protection in daily use, the multilayer filtering power, the bacterial sanitisation, the water repellency and the exceptional quality of silk fibres, all within a single product.

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Intro T.SilkShield

Active protection of nature

T.SilkShield is the meeting of two stories, two experiences, two Italian families, united by a single passion, namely that of Silk: Elitex, a Como-based company specialised in silk fabrics with its Silk Shield™ brand and Cosetex, a company specialised in silk fibre for over 120 years with its T.Silk® brand
Il progetto che rigenera e protegge la pelle

The project that protects and regenerates your skin

T.SilkShield constitutes an electrostatic barrier to penetration to viral particles, guarantees maximum transpiration , insulation and thermoregulation, natural hypoallergenicity, the natural quality of a fibre and its sustainable production system, ecological friendliness and extreme respect for our planet, the non-release of pollutants and microfibres and full recycling.

It is not a medical device (DM) It is not personal protective equipment (PPE)

Outer fabric

100% silk, sanitised water repellent and antibacterial

Inner fabric

100% silk, breathable, anti-allergenic respectful of the physiology of the human skin


100% sanitised, antibacterial, filtering silk that acts as a natural thermoregulator of the face-mask microclimate, increasing protection, favouring the absorption and elimination of excess water vapour.

10 (+ 1) Reasons to choose T.SilkShield

Because I am looking for a product that guarantees active protection

Because I am looking for a product that guarantees the antibacterial properties of its fabrics and components

Because I am looking for a natural, sustainable, recyclable and environmentally friendly product

Because I am looking for a product that guarantees maximum comfort

Because I am looking for a product that promotes breathability and facilitates breathing without compromising on protection

Because I am looking for a product takes care of my skin that while it protects me and protects others

Because I am looking for a product that does not create friction and micro-abrasion on my face

Because I am looking for a washable and reusable product

Because I am looking for a product that is thermoregulating

Because I am looking for a beautiful, exclusive product Made in Italy

10 motivi per scegliere T.SilkShield

About us

Silk is gorgeous, it's exactly what I hoped it would be. Congratulations on a really good job.

Martina P.

As for the "perfect" product, nothing to say. Thank you for the samples, I have viewed them and I congratulate you: an excellent hand and consistency, excellent product!


I can say that I am not simply satisfied, but delighted with Setino's performance. I even use it without pajamas and it always keeps the same warmth, I don't sweat and it is also enveloping. Congratulations on communicating with your cards.

Costantino M.

I never imagined sleeping so well on your own pillow.

Giovanna D.

I was very satisfied with the quality and yield of your products! I had a great time! I also found the topper very pleasant and undoubtedly the pillow cases are fantastic!

Yuliana G.

It is a wonderful padding! Thanks for your kindness and availability, package arrived. I would say that all the products are wonderful, truly fantastic. I was afraid that the duvet was not warm enough for me, very cold, however, despite its "evanescent" consistency, I confirm that it produces a truly comfortable warmth. So now I sleep in a silk "cocoon" ... and it is a more than special feeling.

Ivana B.

Love your products!

Emily O.B.

The pillow cases have arrived and, as I expected, the quality of the silk is gorgeous. I am a lover of fabrics and the hand of your silk seems to me really particularly alive.

Clelia C.

Hello, Setino is an exceptional product, we have a great time! Just as you describe it, it warms but doesn't make you sweat, it keeps you warm all night.

Matteo M.

I appreciated your product for the quality and thermal characteristics that have made husband and wife agree on the temperature during rest.

Lavinia B.
T.SilkShield: an electrostatic barrier to the penetration of viral particles, 3 layers 2 stories 1 unique exceptional product.
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    T.Silk Shield


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