Enveloping quality

T.Silk® silk products guarantee real well-being for the physical and psychophysical health of the body in the crucial moments of life. For this reason they are ideal for those looking for a truly natural product that is the result of modern and advanced innovation, and is also truly sustainable and with extreme respect for human physiology and the environment. They are also the answer for all those who want a product with high technical performance and comfort combined with beauty Made in Italy.

  • T.Silk® padding

    The padding you don’t expect

    T.Silk®, Warm and breathable silk padding, an unparalleled experience of comfort.

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  • Setino

    A Silk Duvet beyond any expectations

    Setino is a Made in Italy product, it is something more than a simple product, it is the decisive overcoming of the now old concept of duvet or bed duvet, much more than a simple bed quilt, much more than a "silk duvet".

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  • SetinoDUO

    The double duvet with differentiated heat

    SetinoDuo allows you to respond in a natural, sustainable and ecological way to the different requirements for heat levels, keeping intact the excellent thermoregulation characteristic of the T.Silk and the unique characteristics of Made in Italy production.

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  • Setino Topper

    The foundation of good sleep

    Setino Topper is a state-of-the-art addition to your bed which offers enormous benefits for well-being and quality of your sleep. Thanks to its outstanding capacity to regulate temperature it makes you warm when needed, and helps cool down just when necessary.

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  • Silk Pillow

    Seeking refuge in beauty and softness

    Good sleep can be achieved if all elements fall in place. The T.Silk® pillow offers you a perfect equilibrium between natural materials, innovative methods, comfort, health advantages, softness and support.

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  • Silk Pillowcase

    The best place to lay your head

    Good sleep can be achieved if all elements fall in place. The T.Silk® pillowcase protects your skin, guarantees it stays healthy and respects its natural balance. Your hair will not know frizz and static electricity. Wellness, health and nature at hand.

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  • Silk eye Mask

    Now you see it

    As you sleep, the T.Silk mask improves the condition of the skin in the eye area, one of the areas that is most prone to wrinkles and imperfections. However, this area is also very receptive to any attempts of regeneration.

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  • Silk Headband

    True silk for true silky hair

    It is a simple gesture, isn’t it, putting on the exclusive 100% silk headband created in the framework of the SilkGenera project. But, if repeated daily, this simple gesture facilitates protection and regeneration of your hair.

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  • T.SilkShield

    Active protection of nature

    T.SilkShield is the first mask with the exclusive 3LSILK (3LayerSilk) formulation that combines the maximum personal protection in daily use, the multilayer filtering power, the bacterial sanitisation, the water repellency and the exceptional quality of silk fibres, all within a single product.

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