T.Silk® padding

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T.Silk®, Warm and breathable silk padding, an unparalleled experience of comfort.

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  • 80
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Intro Silk Padding

The padding you don’t expect

Progetto ThermoSeta e T.Silk

Our project

As we strive to offer an exceptional silk product featuring outstanding chemical/physical parameters — and in a field of padding which is generally dominated by synthetic fibers, — we came up with a special Thermoseta/T.Silk project.

Artificial materials generally have significant shortcomings in terms of performance and health impact. Use of feather padding, although natural, may too imply certain concerns regarding performance, traceability and ethical implications related to exploitation of animals and an unhealthy sanitization processes.

Our philosophy

We work to rediscover and explore the value of silk padding. Our project is dedicated to research of the best ways that allow us to take full advantage of how strong and flexible silk is. The innovative and patented formulation of the T.Silk padding lets it be used in the most varied fields and projects.

The making

From now on you can order our exclusive silk padding even in small quantities. There are so many ways to use it: packaging of personalized home textile products, hobby, patchwork, didactics, clothing, accessories. It can also obviously have more traditional uses, or, to the contrary, the most crazy and previously unthinkable creative ways to take advantage of its great performance properties and excellent quality. Our customers’ experience, requests and the results and possible variations of use they share with us together make for precious knowledge that we use to further improve our product every day. It only depends on us how exactly we treat silk, coming up with new ways of processing the fiber and using its natural qualities to achieve the best possible results.

10 (+ 1) reasons to choose T.Silk® padding

I’m looking for a natural product, without any aggressive chemical additives which could be potentially dangerous.

I’m looking for a product that would keep my body warm, but not just that…

I’m looking for a product that would keep my body warm no matter what the weather conditions are.

I’m looking for a product that would make my body breathe while keeping it warm.

I’m looking for a product that could create a system to regulate the temperature depending on my physical activity, on what I wear and what the weather is.

I’m looking for a product that guarantees me the maximum level of comfort.

I’m looking for a product that does not release substances that would harm me.

I’m looking for a product that does not release plastic microfibers in use, as the latter are responsible for extremely high levels of environmental pollution and damage to health. It has been proven that microfibers released in use of clothing and other products are already present in the food chain.

I am looking for a product that is composed only of natural elements, can be reused in other forms and once it is no longer used can be disposed of without polluting the environment.

I am looking for a product that comes from the beauty of nature

Dieci motivi per scegliere l'imbottitura T.Silk

About us

Silk is gorgeous, it's exactly what I hoped it would be. Congratulations on a really good job.

Martina P.

As for the "perfect" product, nothing to say. Thank you for the samples, I have viewed them and I congratulate you: an excellent hand and consistency, excellent product!


I can say that I am not simply satisfied, but delighted with Setino's performance. I even use it without pajamas and it always keeps the same warmth, I don't sweat and it is also enveloping. Congratulations on communicating with your cards.

Costantino M.

I never imagined sleeping so well on your own pillow.

Giovanna D.

I was very satisfied with the quality and yield of your products! I had a great time! I also found the topper very pleasant and undoubtedly the pillow cases are fantastic!

Yuliana G.

It is a wonderful padding! Thanks for your kindness and availability, package arrived. I would say that all the products are wonderful, truly fantastic. I was afraid that the duvet was not warm enough for me, very cold, however, despite its "evanescent" consistency, I confirm that it produces a truly comfortable warmth. So now I sleep in a silk "cocoon" ... and it is a more than special feeling.

Ivana B.

Love your products!

Emily O.B.

The pillow cases have arrived and, as I expected, the quality of the silk is gorgeous. I am a lover of fabrics and the hand of your silk seems to me really particularly alive.

Clelia C.

Hello, Setino is an exceptional product, we have a great time! Just as you describe it, it warms but doesn't make you sweat, it keeps you warm all night.

Matteo M.

I appreciated your product for the quality and thermal characteristics that have made husband and wife agree on the temperature during rest.

Lavinia B.
We realize that our products’ superior performance is in our hands. Making it yet better, while respecting principles of sustainability, is our goal, and that is why we started the T.Silk project.
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    T.Silk® padding

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