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biohotel fornitura letto piumoni
Also designed for Biohotels and hotels
T.Silk Bio | 19 June

Setino: a natural choice for your customers Ideal for Biohotels and hotels The philosophy of a Ecohotel or of a

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textiles patchwork
Exclusive T.Silk Silk padding for patchwork & quilt
T.Silk Bio | 5 June

Se sei arrivato a questa pagina probabilmente sei un appassionato/a di patchwork e trapuntature (quilt) o comunque di cucito creativo.

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cover material connexion tessuti
The T.Silk padding enters MaterialconneXion New York
T.Silk Bio | 20 May

Since April 2020 the exclusive and patented T.Silk silk padding products have become part of the database and Library of MaterialconneXion.

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il sole 24 ore articolo cosetex
IlSole24 ore speaks about
T.Silk Bio | 13 May

An interesting article from the fashion section of Il sole24ore, analyses and searches for sustainable alternatives, as well as innovations in the world of padding.

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microfibres duvet comforter
Setino: something more than just a microfiber duvet
T.Silk Bio | 3 December

Setino: something more than just a microfiber duvet Choose the health of the Silk T. Silk, the natural microfiber of

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silk quilt
Setino: the natural quilt in natural fibers
T.Silk Bio | 15 November

Setino: the natural quilt Fully ecological double duvet in natural fibers Within the field of duvets and quilts upholstered in

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bed silk topper
Topper Setino Mattress the well-being of pure Silk
T.Silk Bio | 15 November

Setino Bed Mattress The well-being of pure Silk For many years the term Topper, within the accessories for the bed,

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bed set online
Setino: the final bed system
T.Silk Bio | 14 November

Setino: the final comforter bed set Renovate the bed and add value to your sleep Setino the silk duvet /silk

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best silk duvet online
Going beyond the traditional duvet
T.Silk Bio | 13 November

Going beyond the traditional duvet A new way to experience your sleep: the silk quilt is born Innovation comes from

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silk product shop online shop: the first e-commerce of genuine ecological silk products
T.Silk Bio | 15 October shop: the first e-commerce of genuine ecological silk products An adventure you don’t expect, a silk you have never

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