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sistema seta mulberries
The Mulberries Silk System in Laos
T.Silk Bio | 27 July

The Mulberries Silk System in Laos circularity and enhancement of the fiber Sustainability and circularity are universally recognised values, essentials

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storia della seta
The history of silk
T.Silk Bio | 27 July

The history of silk not only history but centuries-old culture and tradition The History of Silk, its origins, its production

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SilkGenerates silk for the well-being of the skin
T.Silk Bio | 26 June

Project SilkGenera silk for the well-being of the skin The SilkGenera project, 100% Silk, designed for real well-being at the

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mascherina per dormire
The best sleep mask silk padded
T.Silk Bio | 25 June

The best sleep mask silk padded Anti-aging effect: regenerating sleep and eye area The Anti-aging T.Silk eye mask, within the

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silk hair band for girls
Silk elastic hair band, hair like silk
T.Silk Bio | 25 June

Silk elastic hair band, hair like silk For protection and care of your hair Within the 100% Silk project SilkGenera,

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silk pillowcase for acne
Silk pillowcase T.Silk 100% Silk 100% Wellness
T.Silk Bio | 23 June

Anti aging Silk pillow cover The best silk pillowcase for your hair and skin wellness The Silk pillowcase in 100%

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T.Silk pure silk pillow
T.Silk Bio | 22 June

T.Silk Pure Silk pillow The best mulberry silk filled pillow, a precious support for your sleep The innovative T.Silk pure

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biohotel fornitura letto piumoni
Also designed for Biohotels and hotels
T.Silk Bio | 19 June

Setino: a natural choice for your customers Ideal for Biohotels and hotels The philosophy of a Ecohotel or of a

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textiles patchwork
Exclusive T.Silk Silk padding for patchwork & quilt
T.Silk Bio | 5 June

Se sei arrivato a questa pagina probabilmente sei un appassionato/a di patchwork e trapuntature (quilt) o comunque di cucito creativo.

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cover material connexion tessuti
The T.Silk padding enters MaterialconneXion New York
T.Silk Bio | 20 May

Since April 2020 the exclusive and patented T.Silk silk padding products have become part of the database and Library of MaterialconneXion.

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