T.Silk pure silk pillow

The best mulberry silk filled pillow, a precious support for your sleep

mulberry silk filledThe innovative T.Silk pure silk pillow, padded with the exclusive 100% mulberry silk padding T.Silk, within the SilkGenera project, represents the best you can ask for to accomodate the face, supporting the head, the neck and the spine, to improve breathing and to balance the well-being of our sleep.

The T.Silk pillow is able to respond completely and exclusively to the characteristics that the ideal bed pillow must have.

T.Silk bed Pillow characteristics

Below we analyze what are the characteristics of the T.Silk silk pillow and its padding:

  • The T. Silk silk padding
    properly inserted and enhanced in terms of weight inside the pillow, allows a perfect alignment of the head, the neck and the backbone structure;
  • The formulation of the T.Silk Silk
    used for the padding, has a high ability to adapt to the morphology of the human body as per laboratory instrumental analysis, (UNI EN 22313: 1993). This means perfect support of the head and the neck in every situation and during the sleeping/resting phase;
  • The complex system of the T.Silk pillow
    guarantee of support, alignment, adaptation, represents the ideal situation for a better relaxation of the muscles and an efficient level of breathing;;
  • The specific structure with variable density
    and fiber braiding, typical of a microfibre (link microfibre), in this case completely natural as T.Silk, allows an ideal distribution of the weights of the neck/head area in order to adapt to the form of the cervical zone. 

Health performance and comfort with T.Silk technology

In order to guarantee complete and efficient health and well-being elements the bed pillow should satisfy the following technical features:

  • The silk padding and the external upholstery in 100% Silk designed for theSilk Pillow provide thermoregulation (read more in pdf) to the face/hair/neck in order to maintain a stable and balanced temperature;
  • The Silk silk cotton pillow thanks to its very fine cotton exterior allows softness and naturalness;
  • The water vapour produced by our body is captured, absorbed and released externally;
  • There are no chances of possible sediment and stagnation of humidity;

On one side all these characteristics allow to obtain the maximum level of performance in terms of comfort from an Hypoallergenic Pillow and on the other side the complete absence of possible proliferations of fungi, bacteria and mites, responsible for the most common forms of allergies and rhinitis.

silk pillow for hairChoosing the T.Silk pillow from the SilkGenera project means giving our sleep the best silk pillow for hair, for our health and wellness a valid tool capable of wrapping our body in a system based on nature, able to spread and release elements, proteins, amino acids extremely functional to the numerous and fundamental regeneration and repair processes that take place during sleep.

Sleeping on a T.Silk pillow means giving value to a research and to the choice of naturalness, sustainability and real attention to the ecosystem and the problem of pollution.

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