Combat wrinkles with silk pillowcase and silk-filled pillow… For a rejuvenating sleep

Pillowcase and pillow in silk

Sleeping on a T.Silk 100% silk pillow with T.Silk padding inside, with a T.Silk 100% silk pillowcase means making a well-being, health and beauty choice.

Pillow in silk

A double weapon against wrinkles and blemishes, a rejuvenating choice with a natural fibre, like silk, which actively fights skin ageing, but also the pollution of the planet by eliminating dangerous greenhouse gases.

Wrinkles from sleep

The generic term wrinkles identifies a variegated number of types that can be classified, based on the way in which they are formed:

  • Dynamic wrinkles resulting from facial expressions
  • Static wrinkles due to subjective factors (age, genetic predisposition), and environmental factors
  • Wrinkles from position or compression
 Sleep wrinkles

The compressive forces that are created during sleep, combined with gradual structural failure of the epidermis, caused by age and environmental pollutants, are the fundamental cause of so-called sleep wrinkles.

The best remedy to soften the imperfection caused by sleep wrinkles is to rest on elements that minimise the phenomena of compression and micro-rubbing with the skin.

The rejuvenating action of the T.Silk pillow and pillowcase against sleep wrinkles

 Pillow and pillowcase in silk

Silk-filled pillow and silk pillowcase are a natural second skin, which, in every situation, create the perfect conditions for relaxation and rejuvenation that only fibrous proteins such as collagen, elastin and the fibroin of silk are able to ensure:

  • Fibroin and sericin, the natural proteins that make up Silk’s silk, positively influence the balance of the skin’s hydration level, promoting the synthesis of collagen and elastin and increasing skin elasticity.
  • Silk fabrics and T.Silk natural filling are made with a fibre with a completely smooth outer surface that does not cause skin micro-rubbing.
  • The softness, smoothness and volume of T.Silk products ensure support for the face with minimal compression.
 Silk night mask

The silk-filled pillow, a guarantee of support, well-being and softness, the silk pillowcase, and the 100% silk night mask are the result of more than 120 years of experience with silk fibre and the innovative and patented T.Silk silk filling.

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