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“Nuvola” is born – The silk bed sheets of the T.Silk bed system

silk full sheets for bed

…the sweet embrace of silk

Nuvola is the new, exclusive, innovative and high-performance range of silk bed sheets by T.Silk, a SilkGenera project.

From the experience of those who for more than 120 years have studied, created, researched and conceived new ways of perceiving the most modern of ancient fibres, silk.

Silk, the material of the future, which is able to guarantee the following in a single fibre:

  • natural,
  • sustainability,
  • the fight against CO2,
  • comfort and performance,
  • wellbeing, care, health.

An innovative textile construction designed to enhance softness, soft touch, winding, impalpability and lightness. A 100% Made in Italy product.

How to choose best bed sheets

We spend more than a third of our lives resting and/or sleeping. Our body, during this life cycle, carries out a series of physiological actions aimed at cell recovery and repair processes and micro-regeneration. The brain processes and re-selects all information.

The quality of sleep determines these processes and it is increasingly necessary to bring our body in close contact with natural elements that can “protect” sleep, ensuring comfort, health and care.

Each element of the system must be able to respond positively to the demands of our body, the bed sheets set  being the first element with which our body remains in contact, must be even more so.

What are the best sheets for your bed?

silk sheets are the best sheets for your bed

The choice of best bed sheets depends on a number of objective elements:

  • Fibre and/or fibres quality;
  • Construction methods;
  • Origin of the fibres and Made in;
  • The nature and/or presence of pollutants that can be released;
  • Performance levels;
  • Compatibility of the fibres with the physiology and the demands of the body;
  • Possible contamination of the fibres used during use and at their end of life.

The choice of a bed sheets set is conditioned by a number of subjective parameters:

  • Overall perception of comfort level;
  • Fashion and glamour;
  • Softness and perception/need for winding;
  • Exclusivity and luxury.

Choosing Nuvola’s T.Silk Silk Sheets set means seeking the highest level of satisfaction in each objective and subjective element.

What are the best luxury sheets for winter and summer?

light cold and warm silk sheets for winter and summer

Warm in winter and cool in summer, highly breathable in summer/spring and thermally efficient in autumn/winter, they are always able to maintain a high level of breathability. The bed sheets set consisting of fitted sheets and shee and top sheets must create a system capable of:

  • insulating the body from the surface layers of the mattresses (often, too often, consisting of synthetic fibres with non-existent perspiration and which can be a cause of heat accumulation);
  • encouraging the body’s dialogue with the external “world” based on its specific requests for heat and coolness, creating a naturally thermoregulated internal microclimate.

Choosing Nuvola’s T.Silk Silk Sheets set means seeking the highest level of satisfaction in each objective and subjective element.

Which sheets are best to prevent sweating?

prevent sweat with silk sheets

The ideal bed sheets must be able to limit and/or cancel:

  • night sweating phenomena;
  • perception of excessive heat;
  • voluntary or involuntary movements due to poor breathability

The ideal fitted sheets  and top sheets ( single bed sheets set, double bed sheets set, king bed sheets set, queen bed sheets set) must be integrated and harmonised in terms of functional, construction and comfort characteristics with other elements of the bed system, (pillow, pillowcase, mattress cover, duvet).

Silk is the ultimate thermoregulatory fibre.

A fibre, silk, that is capable of absorbing +30% of its weight in water vapour and of quickly releasing excess vapour and moisture to the outside, maintaining among its molecules only that latent heat which the body needs.

A fibre, silk, that wraps around the body without a real perception of weight. A fresh and at the same time impalpable contact…a cloud!

T.Silk is the silkest of silks.

The silk bed sheets allow you to achieve maximum comfort with maximum natural quality 

Choosing Nuvola, the T.Silk silk bed sheets set, means seeking at every moment, based on your physiological characteristics, the ideal temperature for your body, your personal comfort-zone, 12 months a year.

What are the best bed sheets for health and body care?

silk for healt and beauty

For about 26 years of our life, our body is wrapped up in and in close contact with our bed sheets. Do we really know what our body is in contact with?

In most cases, the sheets for bed  are built with synthetic fibres derived from petroleum, obtained through invasive chemical processes, at other times, artificial viscose, created through chemical processes, starting from proteins and natural elements but of which, once the fibre has been obtained, no trace remains. In other cases, still poorly traceable natural fibres for reuse or recycling or organic with weak and poorly defined performance levels.

Silk is, of course, made up of two proteins: sericin and the fibrous protein Fibroin. Fibrous proteins  (fibroin, keratin, collagen, elastin and fibronogen) are the major elements that make up the human epidermis and hair.

The amino acids present in sericin and fibroin are the healthiest and healing you could think of putting in contact with the body, in order to promote and encourage processes of care, beauty and micro-regeneration.

What are the best sheets for those suffering from dermatitis or allergies?

silk sheets against skin problems and dermatitis

T.Silk silk is made from a thread with a completely smooth external surface, the result of natural extrusion technology. Unlike fibres such as wool or cotton, which have micro flakes on the surface, silk is the ideal fibre for the treatment of contact dermatitis, avoiding dangerous and painful micro-scratches during any type of movement, which causes skin micro-injuries. The silk sheets avoid any type of skin micro-injury. 

Benefit of satin sheets (100% Silk) is to prevent and to take care of the skin avoiding all contact dermatitis.

silk sheets agains mites and allergies

The T.Silk silk prevents the accumulation of moisture and the creation of humid areas, an ideal environment for the proliferation of bacteria, mould and mites responsible for the primary forms of modern allergies. Silk is naturally anti-allergenic and removes mites.

The Benefit of satin sheets (100% Silk) is to prevent passage and presence of mites and of all allergenies 

Choosing Nuvola, the T.Silk silk sheets set, means seeking at every moment, based on your physiological characteristics, the ideal temperature for your body, your personal comfort-zone, 12 months a year. Not just a silk sheet but a real barrier against allergies and bacteria.

What are the ideal measures of bed sheets?

tailor made silk sheets

Based on the standard measures of the mattresses, the following measures are considered conventional:

  • Single – 80×200 mattress – Full silk sheets: Single silk fitted sheet 80×200+corners – Single silk top sheet 160×290
  • Half-square – 120×200 mattress – Full silk sheets: Single silk fitted sheet 120×200+corners – Silk top sheets 180×290
  • French – 140×200 mattress – Full silk sheets: Queen silk fitted sheet 140×200+corners – Queen silk top sheet 240×290
  • Double – 160×200 mattress – Full silk sheets: Double silk fitted sheet 160×200+corners – Double silk top sheet 245×290

The double silk sheets set or the single silk sheets set must increasingly be a personal and customisable element that is able to fully respond to the needs of the user in terms of finishes and dimensions.

The full silk sheets set must be produced to be a great product through the user’s life, ensuring high quality levels that are maintained over time.

silk sheets Made in italy

Choosing Nuvola, the T.Silk Silk bed sheets set, means adhering to the T.Silk Made to Order project, which conceives, produces and offers highly personalised products, satin sheets, mulberry silk sheets, Made in Italy, minimising waste and by-products, maximising the duration of use while maintaining unaltered quality, performance and beauty. The pure silk sheets represent the most natural and sustainable option you can choose today.

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