Silk hair band, hair like silk

silk hair band for girls

The exclusive silk headband ideal for hair care and frizzy hair

The T.Silk hair band, within the SilkGenera care, health and beauty project, proposed with an elegant front weave, is specifically designed to provide hair protection and care. This white hair bands for women wraps the head with the typical delicacy of silk, allowing contact with the hair while maintaining breathing unaltered.

How to take care of your hair

The T.Silk women’s hair band exploits and enhances the typical properties of silk, guaranteeing an exclusive source of proteins, (Fibroin and Sericin), and amino acids highly compatible with keratin, the other fibrous protein which represents the main constituent of hair .

silk head band

How to get silky hair

Hair like silk

It is common to hear the phrase “hair like silk” which indicates a state of health, shine, brilliance and softness typical of silk thread.

Hair like silk” is a comparison to the characteristics of silk yarn but it also becomes a solution and a way to care for hair precisely through the qualities of silk that give softness and shine

How to choose a hair band

The hair band should be the ideal solution for:

  • for those who have curly hair and want to STOP frizz,
  • because you have weak hair and want to avoid fraying and frizzy hair
  • for those looking for a make-up hair band that respects the hair during make-up and make-up removal operations,
  • for those who have short or long hair and want to take care of their head, especially during the long sleep phase.

Why choose the T.SILK COLLECTION hair band

Hair and scalp are, like other parts of our organism, subject to profound physiological processes of care and restructuring during our sleep, especially at night. Having the possibility of assisting this phenomenon of regeneration with eco-compatible and sustainable natural materials such as T.Silk certainly represents an unrepeatable opportunity for health, beauty and well-being.

  • The Silk yarn is a completely smooth  that does not show any scale, deformation or irregularity on its surface, therefore unable to create, due to the various movements of the body and head during rest, micro-deterioration and micro-abrasions. In this way the hair can be absolutely cured allowing, in a perfect way, their regenerative rest;
  • The 3D construction of the silk fabric, taking advantage of the lightness and softness given by the uniqueness of being a natural microfiber,  cancels any frizzy hair effect deriving from micro-deterioration with excessively abrasive fabrics, avoiding the formation of unsightly knots and electrification phenomena;
  • The Silk of T.Silk balances and controls the level of hydration avoiding dehydration of the hair and/or excessive moisture;
  • The Silk of T. Silk acts as a thermoregulator, by balancing the temperature in the areas adjacent to the hair and hair follicle, stimulating growth and strengthening the root;
  • The Silk of T. Silk prevents stagnation of water vapour by absorbing excess sebum.

Silk hear band - a simple everyday choice

Wrapping and protecting your hair with the exclusive 100% T.Silk hair band is a simple gesture which, if repeated daily, facilitates and makes real protection and regeneration of the hair possible, a true health barrier whose beneficial effects spread for the whole day.

Combining the T.SILK COLLECTION silk hair band, with the silk pillowcase and the padded silk pillow, allows you to wrap your hair in a complete treatment with enormous healing and health potential

A simple choice of health, beauty, naturalness, sustainability and the fight against pollution.

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