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silk hair band for girls

For protection and care of your hair

100 % Italian silk elastic hair bandWithin the 100% Silk project SilkGenera, there is a product specifically designed and manufactured with the aim of providing a 360-degree protection and care of the hair.

This is the T.Silk elastic Hairband which, using the typical properties of silk, guarantees an exclusive source of protein, (Fibroin and Sericin), and amino acids highly compatible with keratin, the protein that represents the main constituent of hair

It is usual to hear, specifically in relation to the hair, the sentences “hair like silk” which wants to indicate a state of health, shine and softness typical of the silk thread

Hair like silk” contains a series of unquestionable associations between the wellness of our hair and the qualities of the Silk fiber.

These connections represent the starting point of the entire SilkGenera project and in particular of the T.Silk SIlk hair wrap aimed at hair care especially during our rest.

best hair bandsHair and scalp are, like other parts of our body, subject to deep physiological processes of care and restructuring during our sleep, especially during the night.

Being able to assist this regeneration phenomenon with eco-compatible natural materials and sustainable  like the Silk T.Silk, certainly represents an opportunity for unrepeatable health, beauty and well-being.

The Silk Ladies Hair Band T.Silk, a silk thread hair accessories especially if combined with the Silk Pillowcase T.Silk and with the padded mulberry silk pillow in Silk T.Silk, allows you to wind your hair in a treatment with enormous potential:

  • The Silk Thread is a completely smooth thread that does not show any scale, deformation or irregularity on its surface, therefore unable to create, due to the various movements of the body and head during rest, micro-deterioration and micro-abrasions. In this way the hair can be absolutely cured allowing, in a perfect way, their regenerative rest;
  • The 3D construction of the silk fabric, taking advantage of the lightness and softness given by the uniqueness of being a natural microfiber, (link microfiber) cancels any frizzy hair effect deriving from micro-deterioration with excessively abrasive fabrics, avoiding the formation of unsightly knots and electrification phenomena;
  • Silk Silk balances and controls the level of hydration avoiding dehydration of the hair and/or excessive moisture;
  • The Silk T. Silk acts as a thermoregulator, by balancing the temperature in the areas adjacent to the hair and hair follicle, stimulating growth and strengthening the root;
  • Silk Silk prevents stagnation of water vapour by absorbing excess sebum.

Wrapping and protecting the hair with the special 100% Silk T.Silk best hair band from the SilkGenera project, is a simple gesture that, if repeated daily, simplifies a real protection and regeneration of the hair, representing a real barrier for the health, with beneficial effects spreading throughout the day.

A choice of naturalness, sustainability to stop pollution

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