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Pillow with natural silk filling

silk natural filling pillow

"Leonardo" pillow. Cool in summer, warm in winter

Leonardo  T.Silk pillow is the bed pillow with filling for pillow in T.Silk natural silk designed and researched by Cosetex.

Leonardo the sleeping pillow with silk filling for pillow is your guarantee of achieving a simple and natural sleep that enhances your well-being, giving comfort and health to your body and mind thanks to an exceptional natural fibre and ergonomic optimisation of the body’s postural and behavioural aspects during sleep.

Leonardo, the exclusive and innovative pillow

  • Silk natural fabric made of 100% discontinuous fibre silk – Temperature-regulating, breathable, adaptable to head/neck morphology, soft, hypoallergenic, fights mites and bacteria, natural proteins for skin care –
  • Exclusive, patented T.Silk padding outer layer – natural thermoregulation, prevents moisture accumulation, absorbs excess water vapour by releasing it outside, does not create unpleasant odours, mite and bacteria resistant, soft with support
  • Exclusive and patented T.Silk padding inner core – natural thermoregulation, prevents moisture accumulation, absorbs excess water vapour releasing it outside, does not create unpleasant odours, mite and bacteria resistant, creates a supportive memory structure and provides absolute lightness and softness

Why Leonardo?

Leonardo (da Vinci) the great genius Italian inventor, painter, and sculptor was closely linked to the world of silk thanks to the influence of the Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza. Many of his drawings are dedicated to natural silk fibre and machinery for its production. A new room at the Castello Sforzesco (Italian for “Sforza’s Castle”) in Milan was painted by Leonardo with 18 huge Gelso plants.

Every individual element of Leonardo the  T.Silk silk pillow has been designed, researched, and innovated to protect, pamper, and enhance the most important moment of our day.

Which is the difference between pillow and cushion?

In the Italian language, we use two words “Cuscino” and “Guanciale”. Cuscino comes from the Latin “coxinum”. “Coxinum” derives from “Coxa” which indicates the part of the body called thigh. The term Cuscino, therefore, refers to the seat cushion. Guanciale derives from the cheek and indicates the pillow for the face and to rest the head, therefore it refers to the pillow for sleeping.

In the English language, there is the same little difference between a Cushion and a Pillow: a cushion is a soft pillow used for sitting, pillow is a support for the head. Pillow and cushion are interchangeable but there are some geographic differences: pillow is used more in North America for both meanings while in UK it is more often heard pillow for bed and cushion for sofa.

How to choose the best sleeping well pillow

The ideal pillow for bed must be able to guarantee:

  • a soft support for the head;
  • the creation of continuity without level variation between the head, neck, spine, and body complex;
  • that it will bring our body in contact with natural elements that are a guarantee of health and well-being;
  • warmth in winter and coolness in summer;
  • the lack, especially on the inside, of areas of accumulation of moisture;
  • not to be a cause or condition for allergies;
  • to allow muscle relaxation that promotes correct breathing;
  • to avoid pressure and contact areas that may disturb proper sleep.

What is the best filling for pillows?

T.Silk 100% silk filling is absolutely the best choice for filling bed pillows as it can:
  • ensure the best compromise between softness and support, in order to keep the head-neck-spine system in perfect balance;
  • thermoregulate the head-neck system, maintaining a constant temperature, allowing complete breathability without accumulation of moisture;
  • allow an overall relaxation of the muscles, an ideal context for an improvement in night breathing and a condition for decreasing nocturnal awakenings;
  • bring our body into contact with a completely natural fibre without any presence or release of chemicals;
  • bring our body in contact with two natural fibrous proteins: fibroin and sericin. Two proteins similar in every way to those found in our skin (elastin keratin, collagen and fibrogen), fully compatible with our body’s proteins and healing for our epidermis and hair

What is the best pillow for allergies?

pillows for allergies

During the night, the average person produces, just by breathing, 400 to 600 grams of water vapour. The natural fibre filling that composes the Leonardo silk pillow allows you to quickly absorb high amounts of moisture (up to one-third of your weight). The innovative and relevant aspect of the silk filling for pillow is that it captures moisture and quickly releases excess water vapour to the outside. Therefore, there is never an accumulation of moisture between its fibres. The best pillow for allergies is the cushion where the filling for pillow is able to avoid any presence of humidity, dust and dut mites.

The natural proteins that make up silk cannot be attacked by external microorganisms and bacteria. The mites do not feed on elements present in the silk filling.

The T.Silk paddin  100% Silk filling for pillow creates a microenvironment that prevents the proliferation of fungi, bacteria and mites responsible for the primary forms of allergies and rhinitis. Leonardo is the best pillow for allergies.

What is the best sleeping pillow for neck and cervical pain?

pillow for neck pain

There are evidence and test lab result that prove like some typical elements of the T.Silk sleeping pillow can be considered the best filling for cushion to create the  best sleeping pillow for back and/or the best sleeping pillow for shoulder pain or more the best sleeping pillow for neck pain and cerivcal pain. Leonardo is the best side sleeping pillow because creates, in a natural way, that wave or butterfly shape that, while maintaining an adequate level of softness and lightness, creates support and ergonomics, avoiding unnatural inclinations and postures in the head-neck system, the cause of neck pain and inflammation:

  • Balanced resilience;
  • Torsional firmness
  • Firmness
  • innovative construction with outer layer and core of 100% Silk fibre and spring filling
  • differential density

The natural proteins provide a healing, regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect on the inner layers of the skin, alleviating cervical inflammation.

The relaxation of the neck muscles, favoured by the soft support of the silk pillow, determines the context for the treatment of inflammatory processes as well as greater respiratory ease and oxygenation of the cells.

Which is the best anti snoring pillow?

silk pillow anti snoring

The phenomenon of snoring is determined not only by a number of physiological factors, but also by postural elements that lead to difficult and/or suboptimal breathing. An anti snoring pillow allows a much higher quality of sleep.

The combination of the silk fibre with the construction of the T.Silk anti snoring pillow can alleviate and eliminate certain phenomena that promote snoring:

  • relaxation of the muscles at the level of the head-neck complex with corresponding widening of the airways;
  • lack of forces and contact points of the pillow such that the head/neck/body position changes several times during the night creating difficulties and changes in breathing;
  • absence of moisture, guaranteeing a balanced and stable microclimate functional to breathing.

The best pillow to prevent sweating

silk pillow anti sweat

The technological heart of the Leonardo pillow for bed  is represented by the innovative and patented 100% Silk T.Silk insulation.

What should you not have as a filling for pillows

  1. Filling that is not breathable (all synthetic fibre fillings) cannot dissipate the heat and moisture produced by our bodies during sleep.
  2. Excessively soft filling makes our head sink in, limiting breathing space and airflow
  3. Overly rigid filling creates excessive pressure points that lead to involuntary movements that cause sweating.

What does the T.Silk 100% Silk pillow filling guarantee?

T.Silk 100% silk natural filling for pillow can:

  • prevent excessive heating of the pillow/neck/head system. Silk is a thermoregulatory fibre that maintains a constant internal and external temperature within the comfort zone in all conditions. (Laboratory-tested thermophysiological comfort index test)
  • act as a heat and moisture contact compensator. The construction of the T.Silk sleeping pillow (outer layer 100% Silk + inner free fibre 100% Silk fibre and silk “springs”) enables the achievement of an active balance between the areas in contact with the skin, head and neck, and the innermost, deepest parts of the silk pillow, which act as real heat and moisture compensators.
  • Naturally, serum proteins act as a guarantee of comprehensive well-being

No more nights with excessive sweating even on the hottest days. The accumulation and absorption of heat in the innermost parts of the silk filling for pillow allows the outermost parts to envelop the head in a natural and ingenious freshness

T.Silk recommends

Accompanying the T.Silk silk pillow with the T.Silk silk pillowcase, in 100% natural silk fabric with silk protein treatment, allows you to achieve maximum comfort by caressing the skin with a highly thermoregulatory fresh fabric and above all able to promote and regulate the nocturnal hydration essential for the processes of micro-repair and regeneration that only the fibrous proteins of silk can encourage.

How do you choose the depth of the pillow?

pillows cushions

Conventional measures

The depth of the bed pillow depends on several factors:

  • the type of mattress;
  • the height of the mattress
  • the height and build of the person;
  • resting mode (supine, lying on your stomach, sideways);
  • subjective preferences.

There are various types of pillow on the market with depths ranging from 5 to 25 cm.

Conventionally, we talk about bed pillows for those pillows with a height of between 12 and 15 cm that allow good ergonomic quality sleeping on your back or on your side. All these information are important to find the best slide sleeping pillow, the best stomach sleeping pillow or the best back sleeping pillow.

We can distinguish the following pillows by depth:

  • Low pillow – suitable for people who sleep supine or prone – 5/8 cm;
  • Medium/low pillow – suitable for people sleeping on their side with a soft mattress or supine and prone with a hard mattress – 10/13 cm;
  • Medium pillow – suitable for people sleeping on their side with a rigid or soft mattress – 12/15 cm;
  • High pillow – suitable for people sleeping only on their side with a rigid mattress or a medium-high soft mattress – 16/22 cm.

T.Silk recommends

The bed pillow requires customisation both in terms of size and height. The T.Silk project allows the detailed definition of the optimal height according to various parameters, not least that of subjective preferences. T.Silk offers and creates the best slide sleeping pillow, the best stomach sleeping pillow and the best back sleeping pillow working on tailor made in terms of height and firmness/softness of the filling. Of course, all with the finest pillow-filling silk and exclusive T.Silk construction, Made in Italy

Sleeping with more pillows


The aim of the pillow is to ensure well-being and comfort, softness and support, and to regulate the delicate ergonomic balance of the head/neck/spine complex. Sleeping with two or more pillows is recommended in particular cases:

  • Persons with nocturnal gastric reflux;
  • Coughs and colds;
  • Allergies;
  • Particular inflammation in the muscles of the neck or cervical tract.

In general, it is always recommended to sleep with only one pillow optimised for your needs.

silk pillows

T.Silk recommends

It is becoming increasingly common to use a double sleeping pillow in search of greater comfort or out of a not-always-advisable habit. In these cases, the T.Silk pillow and cushion design allows the combination of a lower and more compact pillow, able to create a comfortable structured base for support and a second pillow in free silk fibre that can, like a cloud, accommodate sleep. Of course, with all the guarantees and special features that only silk filling and T.Silk construction can offer

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