Duvet and mattress cover for bio hotels and hotels. Exclusivity and naturalness in silk

biohotel fornitura letto piumoni

...a natural choice for customers and guests

The T.SILK COLLECTION line of silk duvet and mattress covers for bio hotels, padded with natural silk fibres, are the ideal bed accessories for high-level hotel facilities (BioHotels, exclusive hotels, Bio hotels) which intend to offer their guests experiences and guarantees of absolute naturalness, health and comfort.

A meeting of philosophies

A philosophy and a project of this magnitude cannot fail to choose, as a response to authentic contact with and respect for nature and well-being, the fiber that represents these concepts better than any other: Silk.

A philosophy and a project of this magnitude should be immune from “distractions” linked to misleading advertising or marketing policies aimed at consider as natural or sustainable what is actually not.

A biohotel is good for guests and good for the environment, or more precisely it is good for guests because it is good for the environment

The philosophy of a bioHotel or an exclusive hotel

The philosophy of a Bio Hotel or the philosophy of an exclusive hotel or five stars hotel, is to offer its customers unrepeatable and exclusive moments, paying, among other things, extreme attention to environmental respect, to the protection of natural resources and sustainability, the fight against waste and harmful emissions, the achievement of a very high level of well-being, health and comfort

The philosophy of T.SILK COLLECTION products

The Setino silk duvet and Topper matteres cover s for bio hotel as well as the various products of the T.SILK COLLECTION pure natural silk bed system were designed and developed following an innovative product and process philosophy:

Why choose a Bio Hotel

The philosophy of a Bio hotel or the philosophy of an exclusive  hotel or hotel is characterized, among other things, by the extreme attention paid to respecting natural resources and environmental sustainability. An offer aimed at achieving real well-being to be offered to customers, a philosophy that cannot fail to encounter Silk, T.Silk and T.SILK COLLECTION products, silk duvet and silk topper mattress cover from the Setino line .

The meeting point

If your structure is an esclusive hotel or a bio Hotel focused  to environmental and well-being issues and…

If you are a customer looking for a moment of true psychophysical relaxation and…

  • You want to characterize yourself so that naturalness and bio-sustainability represent a real value;
  • Follow a 360-degree philosophy of sustainability, eco-compatibility, health and well-being;
  • Your philosophy is truly respectful of the natural elements and their interrelationship with the human body;
  • You are attentive in every aspect to the health and psycho-physical well-being of yourself and your customers;

You cannot start from an incontrovertible fact:
Man and woman spend almost a third of his time resting in bed and therefore inside a hotel room and specifically on the bed.

microfibres duvet comforter

Why choose T.SILK COLLECTION products

Duvet, mattress cover, topper, sheet, pillowcase, pillow, duvet or padded quilts represent the “privileged interlocutor” through which to present, in a simple and immediate way, the philosophy of the room and hospitality in a Bio Hotel, in an exclusive hotel , the most effective way to present the organic heart of your facility.

T.Silk collection

Contacts - contract

Get in touch with our contract section, you will quickly find the answers to all your questions, in order to create that context of bed accessories equipped with a 360 degree biological vision, characterizing your structure with the best in terms of well-being, health, innovation, vision and style the current market is able to offer.

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