Patented!!! Exclusive T.Silk 100% silk natural padding. European patent

… patented and protected upholstery art

T.Silk is the first and most exclusive natural padding for patented padding in 100% natural silkrepresenting excellence in terms of thermophysiological comfort, in its natural aspect and in the fight against pollution.  From today, it is all-Italian excellence sanctioned by innovation and novelty, following a strict administrative and control process by EPO, (European Patent office). T.Silk natural silk padding is officially protected by a European Patent.

Natural padding… Believing in a project

Believing in a project, (Silk the material of the future), has always meant, for us at Cosetex, investing in knowledge, research, innovation, attempts and failures, with the aim of enhancing in a modern and holistic way the characteristics of what we have come to know and preserve for more than 120 years…. The silk fibreThe T.Silk project for a padding wadding has represented the most innovative and exciting to propose in the field of padding and natural padding

Natural wadding for padding… Believing in a product

Believing in a product, (T.Silk – The filling for 100% Silk padding), has given a meaning, for us at Cosetex, to the conviction of developing an innovative idea from an ancient fibre, placing ourselves in contact with the market and the final consumer with the purpose of achieving, through research and knowledge, excellence in terms of:
  • Functional characteristics;
  • Performance levels;
  • Quality;
  • Respect for the environment;

T.Silk natural padding… Recognised and patented product

Thanks to the T.Silk natural padding project, there are now numerous national recognitions, as well as recognitions in the press and on specialised blogs and international institutions that have made a project and a product into a reality


T.Silk natural padding… Believing in a patent

Believing in a project and creating a product is an investment of knowledge and organisation that needs protection and credibility. After a long and analytical journey, the T.Silk project for an innovative natural wadding for a patented padding (“Procedure for the manufacture of a thermal insulation element comprising steps of creating an essentially pure discontinuous silk padding and enclosing said padding between a pair of containment layers to obtain a sandwich structure“), after obtaining the approval and protection of the Italian Patent Office, (Ufficio Italiano Brevetti – UIB), no. 102015000040085, successfully concluded the administrative and control process at the European Patent Office, becoming a European Patent with the number 3464619


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