Exclusive T.Silk Silk padding for patchwork & quilt

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The ideal padding to add value to your fabrics.

textile patchwork onlineIf you have landed on this page you are probably a fan of patchwork and quilting or anyhow of creative sewing.

You might have chosen your coloured fabrics to use for your patchwork, but you would like a different padding with unique features?

From today on our shop of Silk products it is possible to use the exclusive T.Silk pure natural silk padding for small and large patchwork and quilt creations.

In fact, thanks to the unique properties of silk and the patented formulation of T.Silk it becomes possible, especially for hobby works and small quantities, to use the exclusive T.Silk silk padding to create and design patchwork of high quality and technical performance, with a keen eye for the protection of the ecosystem and sustainability. [Buy now]

Patchwork and Quilt: creativity and tradition.

Nowadays, Patchwork and Quilt represent a pleasant hobby sometimes involving socialisation, exchanging of ideas and projects.

An activity that favours the expression of one’s creativity, one’s personality as well as one’s technical ability.

A modern rediscovery of an artistic and social heritage that belongs to our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, to past generations.

Using T.Silk natural silk padding in patchwork and quilt fabrics means returning to the depths of our manufacturing culture, to recognise a value for a fiber with excellent technical characteristics in terms of maintaining warmth and breathability

quilt patchwork american textileA padding capable of enhancing the level and image of the product and the creativity associated with it.

A silk wadding whose contents of sustainability, naturalness, ecology and respect for the environment reflect the values of those who create the product or of those who buy it.

To add value to your creation with a unique padding for features and performance, in full partnership with sustainability, choosing the T.Silk Silk is the right choice. [Buy now]

Brief history of patchwork and quilting.

padding for mattress topper and patchworkPatchwork definition: Work | Patch: patches, indicates an artifact created by human work through the union and stitching of different parts of fabrics (originally square in shape, then in different sizes and shapes.

The term Quilt probably originates from the English word Cowlte which represents an adaptation of the patchwork technique for the creation of very thick and padded bed quilts, in the Anglo-Saxon tradition. In the past it was also used as a typical product for the wedding trousseau

The Quilt was composed of an upper layer made from a patchwork product, then a padding and a lower fabric (backing). All finished with a closure made with binding in order to decorate the edges of the quilt. The type of decoration of the quilt is in fact called quilting.

textile quilting

  • Products packaged with a technique similar to patchwork are traced back to Egyptian and Chinese civilis
  • The moment of greatest development occurred in North America during the occupation by the colonists of the “wild west”. The women, out of necessity, kept in a sack called Scrap Bag, (Sack of Scraps), cloth cutouts of all kinds to make clothes and blankets.
  • The technique spread from North America to England (whose tradition especially in the blankets dates back to the Middle Ages) and from here quilt and patchwork conquered the whole of Europe. The techniques were soon copied by rich women who turned them into high-ranking hobbies. The elements of the patchwork including the padding were increasingly embellished
  • During the second half of the 1900s there was a sharp decrease in PatchworkQuilting. The causes: economic development, industrial boom, female labor, similar products at low prices, emancipation, socio-cultural evolutions, different purchasing choices.
  • The rediscovery by the American Feminist Movement of what was called the “female specific” in the XXI century brought patchwork and Quilt back into fashion. Socialisation processes in small groups recreated the meeting moments of the Quilting-bee.

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