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An adventure you don’t expect, a silk you have never touched

For more than 120 years, Cosetex has a leading role in the research within the field of Silk fiber of its applications in the textile industry, but also its potential in a variety of other innovative fields.

T.Silk reference brand of Thermoseta technology European patent and innovative in the field of natural silk fiber padding.

T.Silk Shop is born from the union of these two Italian expertise, the first window on the world of silk that wants to make available a series of products with the aim of increasing the level of well-being and comfort of its users.

Setino | the revolutionary silk filling duvet

Setino a duvet beyond any expectations

The overcoming of the old concept of duvet and quilt comforter much more than a simple quilt blanket, much more than a “silk quilt”. A very soft and natural silk padding capable of excellent performance levels. Natural external fabrics. A construction designed for the well-being of sleep.

Silk filled mattress topper setino | at the foundation of sleeping

Mattress topper online T.Silk

An innovative accessory for the bed system capable of increasing the benefits and well-being of a warm, thermoregulated and natural sleep. To be placed on top of the mattress in contact with the body. Pure natural silk padding with excellent performance and comfort levels. The foundation of the good sleep, that take care of the physical and mental health of the body.


silk padding online tsilk

The innovative natural silk padding with great levels of performance. Only nature, full sustainability, pollution free, microplastic fiber free. A real natural laboratory able to thermoregulate and cure our body in any situation and condition.

From today you can. With a simple click you have the opportunity to enter a world where you can find and discover the most complete and extraordinary fiber ever produced. The main character of our history for millennia, today it is at the service of those in search of innovation, balance, naturalness, performance, sustainability, well-being and Italian style.


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