Setino: something more than just a microfiber duvet

microfibres duvet comforter

Choose the health of the Silk T. Silk, the natural microfiber of Setino

Setino and Setino Topper represent innovation that goes beyond the traditional microfiber duvet or double duvet, and beyond the concept of microfiber quilt. Setino and Setino Topper are a guarantee of health as they consist of natural microfiber.

piumino letto ecologico

Within the textile industry, the term microfiber defines the fibers that have titration less than or equal to 1 Dtex * (*Dtex = titration system that defines how many meters of a given fiber are contained within one gram of weight).

Indirectly we refer to fibers usually characterised with less than 10 microns, which for this fineness degree they guarantee a very soft hand and certain features.

During the end of the last century with the creation of synthetic/artificial extrusion fibers there has been also a development of microfibres, with the never denied attempt, based on the price, to replace the Silk, trying to chase but without ever getting close to its excellent characteristics.

To find out the real difference between synthetic and natural fibers we recommend you read our in-depth analysis on silk as natural fiber.

Those microfibres were in fact called artificial silks and had enormous development in the field of cleaning products, for their soft hand and presumed ability to absorb liquids and capture dust.

Subsequently, especially thanks to pressing marketing campaigns aimed at camouflaging an indisputable strength from a price point of view, the use of microfibres was imposed in numerous other textile areas including clothing, accessories and household linen.

piumone ecologico

Microfiber consists of different synthetic and artificial fibers. The most common composition is made of polyester/polyamide. These fibers derive from petroleum and cause harmful forms of pollution during their production, sometimes toxic, which release dangerous substances (read more pdf) harmful to the ecosystem, impossible to dispose of and responsible for very high levels of microplastic in the waters [read more news]

Silk – T. Silk – Completely natural microfiber

Silk has a fiber fineness ranging from 8 to 12 microns. It is to be considered a natural microfiber. The Silk of T. Silk, thanks to the innovative processes to which it is subjected, manages to free and make available a high concentration of fibrils of Silk protein (Fibroin) with a diameter between 25 and 30 nm (1nm =1micron/1000). T.Silk silk is in all respects a microfiber.

piumino naturale

A traditional microfiber duvet cannot be an ecological duvet even if it comes from the process of recycling products.

A traditional microfiber duvet cannot be considered a natural duvet even if it is advertised so. A microfiber duvet could also keep the heat but certainly does not allow the body to breathe……. heat/sweat/cooling/cold/heat.

If you are looking for the softness of a microfibre, the naturalness of a fiber, the sustainability of a system, the respect for body health and for the environment, heat and breathability performance, an unattainable level of comfort, the only possible answer is Setino, the silk duvet you don’t expect.

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