The exclusive and innovative double duvet in Silk

The exclusive and innovative double duvet in Silk

Wellness and comfort Made in Italy

Setino is the exclusive duvet in 100% silk, the natural fiber par excellence, innovative microfiber thanks to Made in Italy research.

A new way of understanding from a modern perspective the increased comfort and well-beingof a double quilt thanks to the high quality standards of an Italian production.

Very high levels of performance, naturalness and sustainability.

Made in Italy * not a brand … a philosophy

Once the high value in absolute terms of silk has been highlighted, compared to synthetic fibers,combined with the high quality level of the Setino by T.Silk padding, compared to imported silk padding, it is essential to dwell on the origin of the product and project.

The Setino duvet, the mattress cover and Setino Topper, the silk pillow, the silk pillowcase, the silk padded night mask, the silk headband and the anti-covid silk mask are Made in Italy products:

Logo T.Silk
  • T.Silk is aninternational brand created in Italy, owned by Cosetex Srl, a 100% Italian company, specialized in silk fiber for over 120 years;
  • T.Silk is an entirely Italian project, based and protected by a series of Italian and European patents;
  • The finished products, based on T.Silk silk padding and T.Silk  fabrics, are the result of an articulated Italian research/development and design project;
  • The internal Italian laboratory supervises, in complete autonomy, the prototyping, the development of new products, the formulation of different levels of customization, and the creation of products;
  • The network, which is 100% Italian, guarantees quality in the packaging, craftsmanship in the customization, and complete traceability of the supply chain;
Sewing machine
  • The perfect control of the various production phases allows ample possibilities for customization in terms of product types, dimensions, weights and structure of the padding, methods and style of quilting, packaging, finishes, external fabrics, extreme customization;

How to choose a double duvet or quilt

Before making a purchase it is essential to define your priorities which requires in-depth knowledge, especially for products that remain in contact with our body (1/3 of our life is spent sleeping).

If you are looking for quality, innovation, comfort, sustainability, naturalness, respect for the environment and Made in Italy , ask for these guarantees, opportunities and values.

Compare the various alternatives only after making sure of the origin and quality of the various products on the market.

T.Silk, Setino, SilkGenera are a 360 degree project guaranteeing all-Italian craftsmanship, history and innovation and are waiting for you soon in their renewed e-commerce to offer you experience of unparalleled quality …

* From the legislative point of view, the concept of Made in…. dates back to the Madrid agreement of 14 April 1891 ratified in Italy in 1967. Subsequent legislative interventions (Law n.350 of 2003, Framework law nº 135 of 25 September 2009, decree 14/03/2005 nr. 35) define the criteria for the attribution of the Made in Italy brand pending an overall European formulation.

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