Made to Order by Setino, the sustainable natural silk duvet

Made to Order is sustainable fashion

Setino is the sustainable natural silk duvet and quilt with wide range of customisation. We only produce what we need (Made to Order), what is actually requested. We give space to time based on attention to product quality.

Because we are a cutting-edge brand in line with COP26

Setino the sustainable natural silk duvet is the innovation of a new production and commercial philosophy.  Made to order creates a new relationship with consumers, involving them in waiting, in the various phases of product creation, updating them, in real time, on the various phases that lead to packaging and shipping.

The Question

silk sustainableduvet according to Cop26

Made to order is a small step that answers to a question.

Domand: what is the contribution that we can make to create a system, especially in textiles/fashion, thatis more sustainable and in line with the demands of COP26 (A Climate Change Conference 2021)?

The answer

Answer: Beyond any secondary policy related to re-use and recycling, the crucial passage must be the reduction of quantitative  products and consumption, a real increase in the level of quality, the confidence and knowledge of mostly sustainable natural fibres among which Silk definitely dominates.


A More responsible lifestyle: Made to order Vs Fast Fashion

A more responsible lifestyle, from an ethical and sustainable point of view, can only start from a production and commercial system capable of offering few yet adequate high-quality products, rather than countless medium-low ones. A personalised natural silk duvet and quilt  capable of lasting over time,  for a lifetime, telling a story, a philosophy, giving sensations, limiting the need and the habit of exasperated Fast Fashion consumerism with the accumulation of a considerable number of similar and difficult-to-use garments.

The opportunity to create what until recently was just a thought

Made to order by Setino, the personalized and sustainable silk duvet or tailor made padding blanket, but also from the SilkGenera product range (discover with one click the innovative features of the pillow and pillowcase, sleeping mask and hair band) means being able to realistically build:

  • A different approach to the value of a product;
  • Maximum guarantee of quality and exclusive products
  • Highest level, naturalness, sustainability , fight against pollution;
  • A different approach to study, research and innovation;
  • Broad scope for customisation;
  • A close relationship with customers;
  • A substantial reduction inproduction waste, enhancing the already high sustainability of the final product;
  • A precious time to devote to the qualitative aspect;
  • The chance to create what is currently only a thought.

From Made to Order to Pre Order

Made to order, with its possibility of offering a product and a personalized silk sustainable natural duvet or a tailor-made silk padded quilt precisely at the time of exasperated commercial proposals, like Christmas holidays, evolves into Time to order and Pre order

We offer, exclusively on order, the exclusivity of a limited series of products, a gift for life. Unique, unrepeatable, high quality and long lasting products, which can be yours by following the innovative T.Silk value chain (order / production / delivery).

Quality (and respect for the environment) asks time for some room

*Fast fashionterm used, especially in the field of fashion and clothing, to define those collections whose design passes very quickly from the catwalk/presentation to the sales shelf. Highly efficient production method, aimed at standardising production linked to defined types of fiber with shortening of the supply chain. The exasperation of the all-in-one philosophy has taken on all the negative aspects of a vision of clothing as an object of compulsive consumerism of low price and low quality.

*Made-to-order – term used for a production process where the control lever is identified in the consumer’s demand on the basis of which we proceed with production, packaging, definition of further customising and then marketing. Typical of highly specialised and technologically advanced sectors (aeronautics or robotics), as opposed to made to stock (creation of stock of semi-finished or finished products to draw on to reduce waiting and delivery times), made to orderrequires time longer delivery times

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