The uniqueness of the T.Silk filling and the Setino natural duvet

Only Setino is…

Setino is the decisive overcoming of traditional natural duvets and/or with silk filling . Setino is…much, much more than a silk duvet.

The filling of the Setino duvet: the heart and technology

The filling  represents the beating heart of the duvet, the exclusive internal laboratory capable of creating a level of comfort, warmth and breathability, defining its  naturalness , sustainability and  ecological ecological fibre influencing well-being and quality of sleep (discover the 3 rules of Setino Toper for allround well-being). 


Setino is 100% silk filling


There are numerous fillings that are said to be in “silk” or “natural silk” or other synonyms, referring for example to elements originating from the silk fibre. When they are analysed or you request information, it turns out that inside them there are percentages, even significant ones (50% or more), of artificial and synthetic fibres . This practice, as well as being incorrect, determines the loss of all levels of performance, as well as the absolute values of naturalness, sustainability and ecology which only 100% silk can guarantee.

Only Setino is …

Differences between Setino with T.Silk filling and Silk Duvet

 Only Setino offers the excellence of a Holistic project

The result, the quality, the comfort, the health and the absolute well-being that Setino is able to guarantee are determined by the excellence of a series of variables and elements that can only guarantee absolute excellence if combined with each other but whose final result goes beyond the values of the single elements.

Let’s find out the details in the differences between Setino with T.Silk filling and Silk Duvet.


Setino/ T.Silk padding

Made in Italy

Silk Duvet/ Silk padding long fiber Made in China
Homogeneity of padding   Homogeneous padding Not very homogeneous padding
Homogeneity on the product   Presence of constant quantity of silk fiber in every part of the duvet Areas of the duvet with greater and lesser presence of silk fibers
Corners and edges   Silk fiber that is positioned in every part of the product Fiber that accumulates in the edges and corners.
Thermoregulation   High density of free Fibroin fibrils => Thermoregulation Fibroin fibers bound to the sericin glue <= Thermoregulation
Density   Overlapping silk veils with controlled fiber density. Silk veils pulled and overlapped manually with uneven fiber density
Stability   Vertically stabilized silk veils with limited movement Silk veils overlaid manually without ties with high displacement
Softness   Softness. roundess, wraps the body without feeling the weight. Softness and non-roundess, envelops the body without the sensation of weight
Padding spillage   Medium length silk fiber, stabilized, with limited leakage problems Very long, electrostatic silk fiber that comes out of sewing and unbeaten fabrics
Electric charges   Silk fiber that does not accumulate electrostatic charges Silk fiber that accumulates electrostatic charges
% Sericin   Presence % of optimal Sericin to promote skin and body care Excessive % Sericin can produce possible allergenic factors
Maintenance   Optimal presence of Sericin to keep the fiber bound in use and maintenance Excessive % of Sericin can produce possible anomalous colors and bad smells during use and maintenance
Made in Italy   Concept, production, design, processing, Made in Italy packaging Made in China
Customization   Production flexibility in terms of weights, densities, dimensions and finishes Little flexibility and options
Finish   Combined with silk fabric with silky protein treatment Standard cotton and silk fabrics

Only Setino is the decisive overcoming of the traditional duvet and the padded quilt , it is the innovative bedding product.

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