Price: 290,001.200,00

Setino is a Made in Italy product, it is something more than a simple product, it is the decisive overcoming of the now old concept of duvet or bed duvet, much more than a simple bed quilt, much more than a “silk duvet“.

Dimensions (cm)
  • 220 × 160 Single
  • 220 × 200 Piazza e 1/2
  • 240 × 220 Double
  • 260 × 240 Double
External fabric
  • Silk
  • Cotton
Padding (g/mq)
  • 100 Soft
  • 100+100 Allround
  • 200 Cloud
  • 300 Peak
Intro Setino Duvet

A Silk Duvet beyond any expectations

Behind Setino lies a comprehensive vision that makes the exceptional characteristics of silk, one of the oldest known fibers, stand out and acquire a contemporary twist.

Nuova filosofia del sonno

A new sleep philosophy

Setino stands for learning (Culture) and understanding the characteristics of sleep (Knowledge), as well as attaching significance to the quality of rest, for it plays a key role in body regeneration (Wellness). At the same time we deeply care about our planet (Ecology – ecofriendliness) , and make no compromises with regard to sustainable production protocols. We strive to create a product that our children could still happily use (Sustainability).


Setino focuses on the well-being of the body during one of the most essential, delicate and important moments of our existence: sleep.


For more than 120 years, Cosetex has been a leading figure in research in the silk field and in Thermoseta/T.Silk Technology, and an innovator in the field of natural silk fibre padding.


Setino is the most innovative formulation in terms of the product, which is capable of making the exceptional qualities of silk immediately and completely available.

10 (+ 1) reasons to choose Setino

I’m looking for a product that would guarantee me incredible comfort and well-being to my body in every given condition.

I’m looking for a product that would keep me warm.

I’m looking for a product that would make my body breathe and would take away any humidity excess.

I’m looking for a product that would naturally regulate the temperature taking into consideration both the weather and the physiological parameters of of my body.

I’m looking for a product that could put an end to the vicious cycle ‘sweating-getting a cold-sweating.’

I’m looking for a product so soft and light that my body would not wish for anything different.

I’m looking for a product that would be natural, ecological and sustainable, and would not contain polluting microfibers.

I’m looking for a product that would neither contain nor release – whether before, during or after use – any harmful substances to myself, people around me or the environment.

I’m looking for a product that can become a natural solution to the dust mite allergy problem.

I’m looking for a gorgeous product that brings the feeling of exclusivity and is made in Italy.

Dieci motivi per scegliere Setino
Silk makes it real to achieve the quality of sleep that goes way beyond your expectations. It is the best answer if you seek well-being, health and comfort, and all that using an authentic product made of ecological fibres.
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    Setino Duvet


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