a warm and breathable silk padding

An incomparable comfort experience

warm and breathable silk padding T.Silk® is an excellent termoregulator that is able to help the body remain within the comfort zone. This textile is a completely natural, biologic and totally compatible for contact with human skin.
T.Silk® is a real thermal laboratoryhigh level of heat without accumulation: the excess heat is quickly freed outside, preventing the steam / sweat from being absorbed and being cooled.
T.Silk® used as an insulating layer in clothing or home linens, breaks the vicious circle of sweating-cooling-sweating.

OEKO-TEX®. Meaning.

L’International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology (OEKO-TEX®) is a union of 16 independent research institutes in the field of textiles and analysis laboratories located in Europe and Japan.

OEKO-TEX®. Philosophy.

Confidence in textiles – Trust since 1992 in favor of all kinds of textile products not harmful to health.
Fair scientifically proven valuation standards for companies in the textile / clothing industry towards human ecological safety of textiles. The OEKO-TEX® label indicates those textile products that have, as an added value, the guarantee of have been analyzed to evaluate the safety for human health.


The OEKO-TEX® label, eco-brand leader in the world of textile products, is an important decision-making tool for the purchase. Born in the early 90s as a reaction to the inexistence of reference standards, it represents a label that allows consumers to assess the human-ecological quality of textile products and their components with an objective assessment of potentially harmful substances contained in textile products.

OEKO-TEX®. T.Silk.

Cosetex, a company always attentive to quality, sustainability, and research in the textile field, obtaines in 2016 the Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 certification for T.Silk. From then on it continues ever more convinced and determined to study solutions able to guarantee the production of products without harmful substances detrimental to human health.