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What are the truly sustainable alternatives?

An interesting article (read on line) from the fashion section of “il sole24ore“, analyses and searches for sustainable alternatives, as well as innovations in the world of padding, placing as a solution the T.Silk‘s patented natural silk padding.

chiara beghelli sole24ore

Chiara Beghelli states “Natural or synthetic feathers? The eco-battle is also fought with the paddings – From recycled feathers to cashmere and silk, even synthetic fibers, “cruelty free” fashion has more proposals coming from the textile companies. But what (really) are the most sustainable alternatives? “

Analysis, questions, evaluations and research for innovative products, with high levels of performance and a close connection with the concept of reusing and recycling raw materials, but also for sustainability.

Regarding the world of padding here below some interesting questions and analysis:

  • The 80% of the world’s feather production comes from What are the guarantees in terms of traceability and respect for the living conditions of the animals? What to expect in terms of transparency, if within the International Association of Feather Manufacturers for Fashion and Furnishings, (International Down & Feather Bureau), out of 45 members just 1 is Chinese and is not a producer but defined as association?
  • From the point of view of sustainability: the impact on climate change of the polyester padding is 18 times more than a natural duvet.
  • The synthetic and artificial recycled fibers create high levels of pollution, that are unchanged if not worsened. How is it possible to talk about ecology, pollution and the circular system?
fibre sostenibili secondo il sole24ore

The search for feasible alternatives, as highlighted in the article by Il Sole24ore, must necessarily focus on the authentic respect for the environment, high technical characteristics, innovation linked to our history, a truly sustainable system.

The goal of our project over the years is to support a new way of considering what is the heart of a garment, of an accessory, of a home textile product.

We place at first the exclusive natural laboratory of thermoregulation with the T.Silk padding and its value in terms of respect for nature and true sustainability, the reason for a system of natural proteins that helps the physiological processes of the human body.

The article by Sole24ore recognizes these values in T. Silk and in Cosetex‘s action, the trade union between history and innovation

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