Filling and padding

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To fill it. imbottire, sp. embutir, bass. bret. boutein. To fill clothing or furniture with cotton tow or similar product. The Latin root alludes to how similar this process looks to filling a barrel (‘la botte’) with wine.

cosestex history silkThe history of T.Silk filling, as well as that of Cosetex silk, goes back a long way, from the dawn of the twentieth century (learn more about the history of Cosetex).

It is indeed linked to the traditional activities of wine production and bottling, which used to be our core business before we started to collect by-products from the silk spinning mills in Northern Italy.

Whether it was a conscious decision or a coincidence, filling is part our company’s DNA.

The art of filling

Filling is a term commonly used — even today — by many artisans to describe what they do. This craft turns into art when they get together in a single action a certain combination of elements and operations which characterize the final product or enhance its quality.

hearth silk paddingMaterials for filling and padding belong to a “hidden world”: they constitute the heart of a product. So they should make the product lighter and more compact, preserve its  shape, make it soft while fitting into a determined ergonomic volume, and enhance the look of raw materials.

The filling should also create a comfortable space, preserve the heat, breath, possess thermoregulating qualities to ensure that anyone who comes in contact with it experiences harmony and gets no harm (find out more here).

T.Silk project

Our project aims — among other things — to give increasing visibility to filling. The key elements in this endeavor are the will to enhance technical characteristics, the use of natural materials and the pursuit of well-being.

This is not an easy challenge. It implies that we intend to explore in details visual, sensory, technical and performance characteristics of fibers or any components that constitute filling and padding, as well as to make sure they are absolutely natural.

In order to do that, we all as customers should inspect pieces of clothing, bed quilts and padded accessories with an aim to understand the sensory characteristics of the filling and to verify that the label information corresponds to the quality and the origin of the elements and fibers that it consists of.

This is a necessary prerequisite for a conscious and responsible choice when we buy something that will be in close contact with our body for many hours, determining the level of our well-being, comfort and health.

Silk does not fear visibility. T.Silk encourages it

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