Silk padding for duvets and quilts – A new way of choosing wellbeing

Choose wellbeing of silk quilt duvet

We enhance the value of our sleep and protect it

Only the naturalness, eco-compatibility and thermal physiological performances of the Silk T.Silk, used as padding for duvets or quilts, are able to protect and truly enhance our sleep and our wellbeing.

We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping (considering an average life of 80 years, around 26 years), and we often don’t really think about what our body produces and/or what it goes through during this period of time.

Sleeping is often seen as a non-activity but it is quite the opposite because while we sleep:

    • Our skin regenerates owing to the more effective action of the growth hormone;
    • Our metabolic activities slow down and our body delivers greater proteins to our cells;
    • Although we move an average of 5/10 times per hour, our muscles relax and our tissues reconstruct micro-injuries;
    • During the first stage of sleep, our body secretes the growth hormone, (Somatotropin), which is capable of influencing our health and fitness; instead, the stress hormone (Cortisol) is at its minimum levels;
    • Our immune system strengthens;
    • Our skin releases from 0.3 to 1.5 litres of moisture and notable amounts of toxins.

A regular sleep–wake cycle and being able to rest in excellent conditions influences and determines our health and wellbeing.

The wellbeing of silkJust as we pay strict and growing attention to the quality of the food we eat, to the way we dress, to what we breathe and to the level of wellbeing of our lives in general, we cannot take into serious consideration what happens while we sleep. We need to consider which situations and/or substances we place into contact with our body and which variables and related product choices we must take during this essential activity for our physical and mental health, in order to achieve greater wellbeing.

Wellbeing and quality of sleep can coexist only if we knowingly choose performing fibres that respect our physiological needs.

Why Silk?___________________________________________ Why T.Silk?

Because its composition is based on two proteins: fibroin and sericin, which, given their chemical formulation, are similar to and therefore highly compatible with cheratin, a fundamental protein for our hair, nails and skin:

  • It is natural, eco-friendly, biocompatible;
  • It does not release polluting plastic microfibres  and substances harmful to our body;
  • It is naturally anti-allergic and anti-mite, without the need for any specific treatment, and prevents the proliferation of mould, bacteria and insects;
  • Silk skin care anti dermatitisThe outside of silk fibres is perfectly smooth, without any surface scales and/or deformities, which means there is no friction with the skin;
  • It prevents bacterial and fungal infections of the skin;
  • It is effective for the treatment of atopic and contact dermatitis, burns, reddening and injuries;
  • It favours skin anti-ageing strategies, hydrating the skin and stimulating collagen synthesis.

Because among the natural, artificial and synthetic fibres, and various padding materials (feather down) available, T.Silk is without doubt the most effective in ensuring ideal thermal regulation, which is essential for an appropriate internal microclimate that improves the quality of our sleep:

  • Avoids “heat congestion”: excessive water vapour trapped by the padding, rising temperature and perspiration;
  • Avoids the lack of heat: quick body cooling due to excessive release of water vapour;
  • Avoids duvets or quilts from not adjusting well to the body, due to the body’s movements and to internal air tunnels and/or air coming from the outside which immediately change the thermal balance between the bed, body and duvet/quilt.

Silk cocoon sleeping wellbeingChoose wellbeing of silk quilt duvetT.Silk is a natural cocoon that enhances our sleep and our wellbeing

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