The best sleep mask silk padded

mascherina per dormire

Anti-aging effect: regenerating sleep and eye area

The Anti-aging T.Silk eye mask, within the SilkGenera project, is the best natural eye mask that combines the unique features of the external fabric in 100% T.Silk silk with the exclusive and patented T.Silk padding for an explosion of beauty and health.

The Silk sleep eye mask has been created with the aim of creating the ideal eye cover for sleep during the sleep.

eye cover for sleep

It is widely demonstrated that complete darkness has a positive effect on sleep quality and has equally positive results on the physiological repair and regeneration activities taking place during the sleeping phase.

The achievement of this result, combined with the use of silk fiber, it is the most desirable for one of the parts of our face, the eye contour, the areas that are more subject to the attacks from external elements and to premature aging, as well as the imperfections caused by the presence of a large number of nerve endings and muscles that define expressions and our physiognomy in general. A real anti wrinkle sleep mask.

Not a simple sleep mask, a friend for the skin

The elements that identify and characterise the distinctiveness from the point of view of results and performances the T.Silk night eye mask are:

  • The 100% Silk T.Silk Thread
    A completely smooth thread, free from any imperfections and roughness on the surface, with a unique and natural treatment capable of making available greater quantities of natural and silky proteins;
  • The 100% Silk T.Silk Fabric
    An exclusive Fabric whose 3D orthogonal construction allows maximum adherence to the epidermis combined with extreme softness;
  • The T.Silk padding in 100% Silk
    A padding able to balance the temperature existing in the space that is created between the skin and the mask, keeping it unaltered and ensuring the absorption and release of excess moisture, so as to avoid any deposit on the skin.
anti wrinkle sleep mask

Advantages of wearing the T.Silk night mask

  • Place in contact with our eyes and their contour a thread that does not create, due to the effect of rubbing, any micro-abrasion or micro-laceration, the first cause of blemishes and wrinkles;
  • Ensuring the perfect adherence of the fabric to keep the level of hydration of the skin in balance by completing a restructuring and cell regeneration work already foreseen by nature; 
  • Allowing the proteins, enzymes and amino acids present on the T.Silk, suitably and naturally treated with additional specific proteins, to work for a beauty and health project by promoting the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin, two proteins that determine the elasticity of the fabrics and their blood supply, increasing cell division and the expulsion of toxins, implementing a profound anti-aging and anti-oxidant action, balancing the damage caused by UV rays and limiting cellular flaking/splall;
  • Avoiding, through a natural thermoregulation, that the temperature between the skin and the mask undergoes alterations that can modify the ideal regeneration conditions. At the same time, to ensure the transpiration of the epidermis preventing the deposits of moisture on the surface layers, which cause possible proliferation of fungi, molds and bacteria responsible for blemishes and infections.

A luxury eye mask, a completely natural product sustainable without any form of pollution.


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