Setino: A natural silk duvet and mattress topper cover made in Italy

Made in Italy vs Made in China

Made in Italy - Quality makes all the difference

The Setino and Setino Topper are the first natural silk duvet  and silk mattress cover  to be made using the exclusive patented T.Silk 100% silk thermal padding, offering exceptional breathable padding , comfort, and environmental protection and sustainability.

Why choose a Made in Italy bed duvet

There are differences, there are many differences and it is important to know them

There are substantial differences between a double bed duvet and double bed topper made of natural silk fibers and products made of synthetic fibers or padded with feathers.

Setino Topper is the only mattress cover topper, the only natural mattress topper on the market that guarantees the use of the exclusive and patented T.Silk warm padding.

Why you need to pay attention to imported products

Typical silk duvet and/or silk mattress cover that you can find on the market and on Italian and international websites, available in various finishes and at different prices and quality levels, are generally made in and imported from China.

piumone cinese
imbottitura cinese

Their  filling is derived directly from silk cocoons, which undergo processing which deprives them of their original cohesiveness and which are then pulled in order to create a series of bundles. These are manually layered on top of each other and sealed within two pieces of fabric, which can vary in type, level of workmanship and quality.

Critical elements

The resulting padding product may suffer from a range of critical issues in terms of filling:

  • Uneven softness due to the hard-to-control manual production processes.
  • Extreme variation in the density of the individual layers, with some areas containing thick clusters of fibres and some areas being nearly empty.
  • Excessive amounts of fibres at the edges due to the manual pulling technique used.
  • Lack of vertical cohesiveness between the fibres, (the layers are simply placed on top of each other)
  • Migration (displacement) of the different elements of the padding inside the product.
  • Very long fibres that, if they leak from the seams, can create clusters measuring over 10 cm and drag other filaments out with them.
  • Possible allergy issues due to the presence of excessive amounts of sericin (silk glue protein).
  • Maintenance problems caused by excessive loss of sericin during washing, leading to irregular colours and unpleasant odours.
  • Issues in humid environments, as fibres with excessive sericin tend to compact over time, losing their softness and consistency, and taking on a yellowish colour.

What makes Setino and SetinoTopper exclusive

These exclusive natural silk duvet and mattress topper guarantee:

  • Quality – they contain only SILK.
  • Consistency – every single layer is subjected to strict production controls.
  • Consistent density – there are no fibre clusters, amorphous or empty areas.
  • Consistent volume – the layering of the individual bundles is carefully planned and controlled.
  • Stable padding – the creation of vertical bonds between the individual bundles creates a soft, cohesive product, preventing displacement of the padding.
  • Performance controlvariations in the horizontal and vertical orientation of the fibres of the individual bundles allows for varied and controllable levels of performance.
  • Extreme softness increased amounts of air are trapped by the silk and between the individual bundles.
  • Thermoregulationan increased number of fibroin fibrils, from the natural protein found in silk, offer exceptional thermal properties and breathability.
  • Physiological balanceby optimising sericin, one of the natural protein components of silk, the products can provide enhanced therapeutic properties and support the body’s well-being.

The innovation

silk sheets Made in italy

The Setino silk duvet and Setino cover mattress Topper are made in Italy using the patented T.Silk natural thermal filling , which is made from selected 100% silk fibres to ensure perfect thermoregulation and breathable padding thanks to a higher level of fibroin microfibrils (natural silk protein).


Because it is important to inform yourself and ask questions

Thanks to the use of the patented T.Silk thermal padding, a tracked supply chain and Italian packaging, the Setino silk duvet and Setino Topper are truly a cut above their potential competitors.

Quality: Made in Italy

It is worth taking the time to learn what sets these products apart. Ask questions to understand the full picture before making your purchase. This is the only way to be sure that you are buying high-quality, economical and ecologically sustainable products, with exceptional levels of performance and comfort.

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