Setino: the final bed system

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Setino: the final comforter bed set

Renovate the bed and add value to your sleep

Setino the silk duvet /silk comforter filling with 100% natural silk mulberry filling and Setino Topper the memory mattress topper were created to innovate the concept of bed set and accessory, responding fully to consumers who are looking for high quality products by creating a natural 360° system capable of guaranteeing quality, maximum level of comfort, warmth and breathability.

Furthermore well-being, physical and mental health, true naturalness and sustainability, and also the craftsmanship Made in Italy.

we spend about 1/3 of our lives in our bed for. During the sleep are taking place essential moments for the growth and psycho-physical well-being of our body

The good habits for a good sleep

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Despite this fact being indisputable, also the lack of interest expressed by the final consumer with regard to the functionality and quality of the products is equally evident.

We wrongly give little importance to the fact that for so long and in such important moments we are in direct contact with our body.

Lack of interest probably caused by missing knowledge and information

The various elements, (blanket / comforter set), quilt, duvets, twin size mattress topper are chosen more on the basis of characteristics as functionality, price or habit associated with indications and/or misleading advices rather than on qualitative, performance, naturalness and associated well-being assessments.

The various accessories of the bed set must be connected to one another

Setino and Setino topper intend to awaken the critical consciousness and the awareness of choice of the final consumer by providing them with a project, a vision, a series of products with proven quality characteristics accompanied by adequate technical information, representing an important first and fundamental step of a integrated system founded on a strong product philosophy.

ecological padding for duvet

An integrated bed System capable of enveloping our body according to the philosophy of the silk cocoon, and just like the cocoon it is a 360-degree system.

Setino outside + Setino Topper inside it’s a combination able to protect and preserve the percentage of humidity and the heat level unchanged, in order to activate the cellular and the physiological transformations of the body during the sleeping phase.

Mainly, allowing them to breathe in a suitable way by balancing the level of hydration, the only premise for the cellular preservation of our skin.

From the study of nature the duplicate of the best solution

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