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(Re)Inovate the bed adding value to your sleep

Setino the silk duvet /silk comforter filling with 100% natural silk mulberry filling and Setino Topper the memory mattress topper were created to innovate the concept of bed set and accessory, responding fully to consumers who are looking for high quality products by creating a natural 360° system capable of guaranteeing quality, maximum level of comfort, warmth and breathability.

Furthermore well-being, physical and mental health, true naturalness and sustainability, and also the craftsmanship Made in Italy.

We spend about 1/3 of our lives in our bed for. During the sleep are taking place essential moments for the growth and psycho-physical well-being of our body

How to sleep well

Bad purchasing habits

It is easy to find a general disinterest on the part of the final consumer regarding the qualities and functional characteristics of a product linked to the bed system and the bed sets

We mistakenly give little weight to the fact that for so long and in such important moments alla bed sets and comforter bed set are in direct contact with our organism. Disinterest probably caused by a lack of knowledge or information.

The various elements, blanket, quilt, duvets, comforter bed set are chosen more on the basis of functionality characteristics, price or habit associated with misleading indications and/or advice rather than on qualitative, performance, naturalness and associated well-being assessments.

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Good sleep habits

Giving value to good sleep means giving value to a bed set capable of satisfying some simple but not trivial technical characteristics:

and Health:

Why choose silk for good sleep

The vision of the bed system

Setino and Setino topper intend to awaken the final consumer’s critical conscience and more conscious choice by finally making the silk bed complement available to him: a project, a vision, a series of products with proven qualitative characteristics accompanied by adequate technical information, representing a first important and fundamental step of an integrated bed system with a strong product philosophy at its base.

The cocoon bed system

The T.SILK COLLECTION silk bed set is the integrated bed system capable of enveloping the body at 360 degrees with the same philosophy of the silk cocoon

Setino the duvet in 100% silk, towards the outside + Setino Topper the padded silk mattress cover towards the inside are able to protect and keep the percentage of humidity and the heat level unchanged so that those cellular and physiological transformations of the body typical of the sleep phase.

From sleep to the good sleep

From the sleep phase to the good sleep phase it means equipping our night with a complete silk comforter bed set to guarantee to our body:

  • optimize the heat,
  • ensure breathability
  • balance the level of hydration,

The unique premise for the conservation and cellular remodulation of our skin.

T.SILK COLLECTION - From the study of nature the replica for the best solution

The T.SILK COLLECTION silk bed system is made up of Setino and Setino topper as well as a series of other comforter bed set products capable of creating the real integrated system of good sleep and psycho-physical well-being

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