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A new way to experience your sleep: the silk quilt is born

Innovation comes from a variety of things: a meeting, an exchange of experiences and knowledge, the research, the planning or from a vision.

Setino is the new silk duvet, which represents a new way of conceiving the quilt and also the concept of sleeping. It is the meeting point of the Cosetex experience which for more than 120 years has a leading role in the fields of discontinuous silk fiber and also the  natural silk fiber padding thanks to the innovative Thermoseta/T.Silk technology.

Setino: overcoming the old concept of silk bed duvet

The innovative Setino leaves behind the old concept of duvet, monopolised by synthetic and artificial fibers, with significant deficiencies in terms of performance and health.

The issues also are represented by traceability, the ethical implications relating to the exploitation of animals, the unhealthiness of sanitisation processes, as well as deficiencies in terms of performance.

Why the setino system is different

Setino mattress Topper

Setino was born on the basis of a detailed research based on the needs of our body during sleep: physiological needs, comfort and psycho-physical well-being.

The ongoing evolution has led and will continue to lead T.Silk to the discovery of new and innovative products made with our natural fiber.

The mattress topper Setino completes the offer by creating a system that envelops completely the body.

Choose setino: a philosophy that can guarantee

  • Incomparable levels of comfort, adjustable according to your needs
  • No use of external chemical elements
  • To maintain an optimal level of heat thanks to the thermoregulation capabilities of silk
  • The overcoming of heat congestion given by excessive water vapour trapped by traditional padding (our body can produce up to 1.5 liters of water vapour during the night), given by the transpiration properties of silk
  • The balance between absorption and transfer of excess water vapour, avoids its accumulation and stagnation in the surface layers of the main mattress, the main cause of the proliferation of bacteria and mites, responsible for unhealthiness and allergies.
  • Microplastic fiber free (free from any type of plastic microfibers that can be released into the environment)
  • A true ecological, sustainable and also a possibility for the complete reuse of the fibers used
  • The true quality and craftsmanship of a product Made in Italy

Contact us through our form that you find in the website for more information on our exclusive pure natural silk products. We will send you a personalised offer as soon as possible.

Our products are tailor-made to guarantee extreme attention to quality, but also respecting the silk fiber and the consumers. Quality demands its space to time

The experience of more than 120 years regarding the knowledge of silk fiber for the first time at the disposal of the final consumer.

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