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We thought of a virtual place, an immaterial place that could contrast and at the same time be inextricably linked to a fiber, absolutely true, real, concrete silk, the result of the skilful hands of nature, improved and innovated by T.Silk for the project “The material silk of the future“. A place specially designed to learn, share, develop, SEARCH.

This section wants to represent the container of a series of news, techniques, curiosities, innovations, presentations, evolutions, with the only common denominator represented by the Silk, the Silk T. Silk and the products that are based on its extraordinary qualities.

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silk hair band for girls
Silk elastic hair band, hair like silk
T.Silk Bio | 25, June

Silk elastic hair band, hair like silk For protection and care of your hair Within the 100% Silk project SilkGenera,

silk pillowcase for acne
Silk pillowcase T.Silk 100% Silk 100% Wellness
T.Silk Bio | 23, June

Anti aging Silk pillow cover The best silk pillowcase for your hair and skin wellness The Silk pillowcase in 100%

mascherina per dormire
The best sleep mask silk padded
T.Silk Bio | 25, June

The best sleep mask silk padded Anti-aging effect: regenerating sleep and eye area The Anti-aging T.Silk eye mask, within the

T.Silk pure silk pillow
T.Silk Bio | 22, June

T.Silk Pure Silk pillow The best mulberry silk filled pillow, a precious support for your sleep The innovative T.Silk pure

SilkGenerates silk for the well-being of the skin
T.Silk Bio | 26, June

Project SilkGenera silk for the well-being of the skin The SilkGenera project, 100% Silk, designed for real well-being at the

microfibres duvet comforter
Setino: something more than just a microfiber duvet
T.Silk Bio | 03, December

Setino: something more than just a microfiber duvet Choose the health of the Silk T. Silk, the natural microfiber of

silk quilt
Setino: the natural quilt in natural fibers
T.Silk Bio | 15, November

Setino: the natural quilt Fully ecological double duvet in natural fibers Within the field of duvets and quilts upholstered in

bed silk topper
Topper Setino Mattress the well-being of pure Silk
T.Silk Bio | 15, November

Setino Bed Mattress The well-being of pure Silk For many years the term Topper, within the accessories for the bed,

biohotel fornitura letto piumoni
Also designed for Biohotels and hotels
T.Silk Bio | 19, June

Setino: a natural choice for your customers Ideal for Biohotels and hotels The philosophy of a Ecohotel or of a

bed set online
Setino: the final bed system
T.Silk Bio | 14, November

Setino: the final comforter bed set Renovate the bed and add value to your sleep Setino the silk duvet /silk