Topper Setino Mattress the well-being of pure Silk

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Setino Bed Mattress

The well-being of pure Silk

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For many years the term Topper, within the accessories for the bed, has simply indicated an additional mattress mostly made of polyurethane foam, and used to increase the comfort of the main mattress, especially in the case of very old ones.

Thanks to the innovation represented by the Setino project, the Setino Topper plays a key role with the aim of creating a 360-degree system capable of taking care and enhancing sleep, the psycho-physical well-being of our sleep with the guarantee quality of Made in Italy craftsmanship. 

Choosing to equip your bed with a mattress Cover is not an compulsory choice but an added value that a Topper, padded with pure natural silk and derived from T.Silk Technology, enable to guarantee the quality of our sleep.

The Setino mattress Topper has to be positioned over the main mattress using its simple wrapping structure which fully integrates with it.

Setino stands between the mattress and the body with the aim of optimizing and enhancing the health, well-being, wholesome, thermoregulation, sustainability that only a fiber such as T.Silk silk can guarantee. 

Stop to synthetic fibers and start with Health and Wholesome

Modern mattresses, especially those with a few years of life, are made up of elements often deriving from fibers and/or components, (foams and plastics) with the presence of synthetic and/or natural fibers, in the most external layers, where it is often difficult to determine their composition and quality.

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Setino Topper ensures that during the sleep, our body remains in direct contact only with natural fibers made from 100% Silk padding, without any trace of chemicals and/or artificial and synthetic fibers.

The external layers of the mattresses are often unable to correctly absorb the humidity levels in the form of water vapour that our body produces during sleep (up to 1.5 liters per night).

This lack of absorption and even more the probable prolonged stagnation, determine unhealthiness with the formation of surface wetlands, a perfect condition for the proliferation of molds, bacteria and mites responsible for the main forms of asthma, rhinitis and allergies.

Setino Topper is T.Silk padding made of 100% pure silk is a natural thermoregulator, highly hygroscopic and capable of absorbing up to 30% of its weight in water.

The uniqueness of the T.Silk Silk consists of adding to this feature a very fast drying and release time of excess steam.

The water vapour stored and removed from our body does not settle but is released almost immediately. This causes, in addition to a high level of perspiration and comfort, the absolute lack of damp areas.

Performance and well-being: much more than a memory mattress cover

Setino Topper is a padding made of T.Silk Silk, a guarantee of exceptional level of comfort, understood as the relationship between warmth and breathability (thermophysiological comfort index UNI EN ISO 31092: 1996) clearly higher to what can be obtained using other natural, artificial or synthetics fibers and feathers.

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Setino Topper, double or single, is a perfectly adjustable product which follows the specific needs of each person, in order to ensure, optimise and balance the ergonomics of your bed system and your sleep.


    through less pressure in the lower back area, which is the main cause of back pain;
    avoiding the numbness caused by an altered circulatory level by pressure
    ensuring a softer support without changing the centrality of the spine.

In double Toppers it is also possible to create areas of softness and differentiate the weight, according to the specific needs and requests of the couple.


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The heart of Setino Topper is the Silks T. Silk padding, a product and a manufacturing process capable of enhancing its characteristics of naturalness, ecologicity and sustainability.

Setino Topper is authentic respect for the ecosystem and the environment. A complete absence of harmful chemical substances or plastic microfibres, typical within the synthetic fiber padding and also responsible for severe, worrying and unsolvable levels of pollution in water and in the food chain. (Find out more)

Even in the end of life of the product, setino topper  does not represent a source of environmental pollution being constituted by natural fibers, and it really represents an opportunity for re-using and recycling the fibers used.

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