Setino: the natural quilt in natural fibers

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Setino: the natural quilt

Fully ecological double duvet in natural fibers

Within the field of duvets and quilts upholstered in natural silk, the project of the Setino Quilt (double or single) was born with the aim of recognising the right value of:

  • The naturalness, eco-friendly and sustainability of the T.Silk silk fiber
  • The excellent characteristics of the T.Silk silk Thermoregulator able to balance heat and breathability in any situation

We have already discuss the excellent performance features of T.Silk products based on padding and fabrics [read more]

What is the meaning of the term natural?

Let’s now see what is meant by naturalness referring to the raw material with which we make our products in pure ecological silk: a 100% natural fiber that “derives from nature“.

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A product is therefore natural when

  • It uses raw materials sourced directly from nature, without creating waste and residues [Read more]
  • The production techniques do not involve the use of chemicals or the modifications to the chemical structure of the materials used. [Read more]
  • They are respectful towards the ecosystem, do not cause pollution and are an example of agroecology
  • The system is sustainable with a limited impact on the resources used.
  • The use and maintenance of the products do not cause forms of pollution. [Read more]
  • The end product that has reached the end of its life, can be recycled or biodegraded, in order to return to nature.

The duvet, the quilt and the mattress cover in natural silk of the Setino line is in total agreement with the concept of a natural product

An integrated system of traceability, internal quality control and the customisation that just a Made in Italy production can guarantee, makes the Setino line an experience of nature, performance, and sustainability one of a kind.

A truly ecological duvet in natural fibers

mulberry duvet cover

Setino guarantees the maximum naturalness and eco-sustainability of the fibers used, the control of the manufacturing processes rigorously carried out in Italy and the excellence in performance levels. .

Setino represents an unreachable comparison term inside the art of double duvets and double quilts thanks to a padding that, although hidden, represents the true beating heart of a bed quilt or a bed duvet.

Choosing Setino is a conscious and responsible choice respecting the nature of the environment.

A real evolution and we will no longer be able to go back.

However, only through an effective use it will be possible to give real meaning to the concept of thermophysiological comfort, to truly understand the value of a single or double bedspread that is a thermoregulator capable of maintaining heat or rather regulating the level of water vapour = sweat produced by our body during sleep.

Only the daily use of Setino will allow us to understand “on our skin” the historic change set by the comfort and well-being of sleeping compared to our old winter double duvet.

Setino the silk duvet you don’t expect

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