Setino: the natural double duvet and quilt with silk natural fibres

silk quilt

the natural double duvet and quilt

The Setino project of the T.SILK COLLECTION line is the double duvet and the double quilt in 100% silk, which in the field of double duvets and padded quilts was created with the aim of recognizing the right value to:

  • The naturalness, ecology, sustainability of the T.Silk silk fibre
  • The excellent characteristics of T.Silk silk thermoregulator capable of balancing heat retention and breathability in every situation
  • exclusivity and uniqueness

Discover in just a few clicks the excellent performance characteristics of products based on T.Silk padding and fabrics (including the double duvet and the Setino double quilt):

What natural double duvet and double quilt mean

The concept of nature and naturalness referring to textile fibers and products that are composed of them must refer primarily to the raw materials with which they are made which in the case of the T.SILK COLLECTION line refers to the exclusive range of its products, products natural as they derive from nature

silk natural duvet

When a product can be said to be natural

A produc tis natural when:

  • It uses raw materials that come directly from nature, without creating waste and residues, protecting bio-diversity [learn more]
  • the production systems are respectful of the environment and take care of the replenishment of natural resources [learn more]
  • The production techniques do not involve the use of chemical substances or modifications to the chemical structure of the materials used. [learn more]
  • it does not cause direct or indirect causes of pollution and allows the creation of conditions to help the ecosystem [learn more]
  • The system as a whole complies with the sustainability criteria [learn more]
  • The use and maintenance of the products do not cause pollution. [learn more]
  • Having reached the end of its life, it can be recycled without environmental problems [learn more]
  • once disposed of, it can return to nature as it is composed of natural elements [learn more]

What are the differences between a synthetic fiber and natural silk fiber

The differences between synthetic fibers and natural silk fiber from the point of view of the elements present and the possibility of their release to the outside are many and very important.


The duvet, the quilt and the mattress cover in natural silk of the Setino line T.SILK COLLECTION is in total agreement with the concept of a natural product


Double duvet and natural quilt in ecological fibre

Setino is the integrated system of traceability, internal quality control and personalization pushed to excess that only Made in Italy production can guarantee, making the T.SILK Collection line an exclusive experience of nature, performance and sustainability.

Setino guarantees, within a single product, the maximum naturalness and eco-sustainability of the fibers used, the control of the manufacturing processes rigorously carried out in Italy, the excellence in performance levels. Setino represents an unrivaled benchmark in double duvets and double quilts thanks to a padding which, although hidden, represents the true beating heart of a bed quilt or duvet.

Choosing Setino must be the result of a conscious purchase choice by thinking seriously about what we want to come into contact with the body and what our body can absorb during sleep, based on a real propensity and attention to respecting the nature of the environment.


A real revolution/evolution from which it willno longer be possible to get back


Only through actual daily use will it be possible to give true meaning to the concept of thermophysiological comfort, to truly understand the value of a thermoregulatory single or double bed cover capable of maintaining heat without creating, or rather regulating, the level of water vapor and sweat produced from our body during sleep.

Only the daily use of Setino will allow us to understand “on our own skin” the epochal change brought about by the comfort and wellness of sleeping compared to our old winter double duvet.


Setino the silk duvet and the silk quilt you don’t expect


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