Setino Topper: the natural ecological cover mattress in silk.

Respect of Healthy sleep for your well-being

Setino is the natural mattress Topper padded with ecological 100% Silk fibre, the result of Cosetex research  that promotes well-being and the quality of sleep thanks to an in-depth study of the postural, ergonomic and behavioural aspects of the body during sleep, aimed at finding that absolute level of comfort that a padded mattress cover must have. All this without forgetting the anti-polluting and greenhouse gas reduction effects of Silk T.Silk.

3 Rules of SetinoTopper for a welness sleep

Sleep that promotes well-being must respect 3 fundamental rules:

  • Rule 1: Perfect alignment, naturalness and neutrality of the spinal column;
  • Rule 2: Optimise nocturnal movements;
  • Rule 3: Perfect relaxation of the muscular system in general and of the back / chest / neck system in particular.

Rule 1: Perfect head and Spine Alignment

Why is important a correct position tp sleep

When we lie down, the different discs that make up the spine cease to be subjected to those forces of compression, traction, torsion and stress, typical of an upright position and of daily hectic life.

The moment of rest is of fundamental importance, as it must ensure the partial opening of the individual discs that make up the spine in order to favour a series of reparative and regenerative processes:

  • The nutrient elements easily enter the column and penetrate between the various discs,
  • The waste and harmful elements are easily expelled avoiding their dangerous accumulation;
  • Cell regeneration and the reparative process can be implemented.
setino topper correct and incorrect
setino topper good sleep

How to obtain a good position sleeping in the bed

To reach the better position during sleep it is essential to place supports and elements in the bed that guarantee a position of the spine and of the body in general that is straight, aligned, neutral, natural and relaxed.

The posture and the ergonomic position during sleep / rest are influenced by the mattress and the mattress cover or topper.

Our body recognises and memorises the posture assumed for the longest time during the day and considers it as the goal-posture. Only by adopting and promoting a correct nocturnal position, naturally aligned, will our body seek it even during the day, with considerable overall benefits.

SetinoTopper - Innovation, naturalness and neutrality

The typical characteristics of the silk fibre (Resistant and tough, rigid to bending, rigid to torsion, flexible, adaptable to the body shape), the Made in Italy processes to which it is subjected and the innovative construction model of Setino Topper natural ecological mattress cover make it possible to achieve the perfect balance between support and softness / suppleness, guaranteeing absolute naturalness and neutrality to the position of the head / neck / spine / body complex system.


Are you curious to find out about the other benefits of Setino Topper?

More articles will be released soon on our blog! To be continued…

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