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The 3 rules of Setino, the well-being of an organic bed mattress

Rule 3: Relaxation of the muscles

A 100% organic natural silk mattress allows for the achievement of an effective comprehensive well-being during sleep:

Muscular relaxation

Achieving a perfect relaxation of the muscular system, during sleep, means promoting a valid and complete cellular regeneration/reconstruction activity and the slowing down of brain and mind activity, (a fundamental element for wellbeing and to avoid small awakenings or insomnia).
The relaxation of the muscles, especially at the level of the back and lumbar area, limits the chronic tensions and torsions that negatively affect the position and alignment of the discs of the spine.
The relaxation of the neck muscles allows a perfect alignment of the neck and larynx/trachea, favoring the perfect flow of oxygen, essential to feed the cells in the processes of regeneration and repair at night.

Setino Topper – Relaxation and comfort

The Silk of the Setino Topper bed mattress is able to promote:

  • complete relaxation of the muscles from a mechanical point of view;
  • complete relaxation of the muscles from a physiological point of view, resulting in silk highly compatible with the physiology of the elements that make up the muscles;
  • perfect thermoregulation capable of absorbing excess moisture and expelling it outside very quickly. (On average 1.5 litres of moisture are produced during sleep);
  • absolute uniqueness of the T.Silk upholstery;
  • perfect hypoallergenicity and naturalness of silk;
  • lack of water vapour accumulation areas;
  • correct breathing, combating the presence of bacteria, mould and mites responsible for respiratory problems and allergies;
  • the real sustainability and fight against pollution of T.Silk’s Made to Order.

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