Setino Topper: the thin and natural mattress that optimises night-time movements

Setino Topper is much more than a mattress corrector, much more than an additional mattress.
Setino Topper is the natural thin mattress, to be placed on top of the traditional mattress, capable of revolutionising the quality of sleep. Thanks to its innovative formulation and the exceptional characteristics of the natural silk fibre of which it is 100% composed, it respects the fundamental rules of healthy and comfortable sleep, putting the body in contact with natural protein elements (fibroin and sericin), the only ones able to guarantee 360° well-being.

In the previous article we explored the first rule of good sleep.

The second rule of restful and healthy sleep is: optimise movements during sleep

The nocturnal movement of our body is in itself physiological and beneficial, (it keeps the blood flow stable), as long as it is kept in optimal ranges, (an average of 20 movements per night is estimated).

A thin and comfortable mattress must give the perception of almost an absence of body weight, (the correct sensation is to perceive your body floating as if it were resting on a cloud). The body weight must be distributed evenly over the entire support surface, minimising the points of greatest contact and greatest pressure with the bed.

The presence of excessive pressure / contact points is in fact the cause of:

  • Immediate activation of nerve receptors with related stimuli to the brain;
  • Increased blood circulation in the pressure zone;
  • Feeling of pain or tingling in the limbs.




These situations result in voluntary or involuntary nocturnal shifts with more or less short sleep interruptions.

A Topper or thin mattress must be able to minimise pressure points and ensure, in the case of body movements (physiological or non-physiological), that these occur with the utmost ease and comfort, in order to minimise any awakenings, even brief ones, that would be detrimental to the quality of sleep.

SetinoTopper – Sleep comfort and well-being are really possible

The typical softness of silk, its eco-friendliness and the 100% Made in Italy construction of the SetinoTopper thin mattress ensure:

·  That possible pressure points are minimised;

·  That individual movements are made comfortable in order to limit small and sudden awakenings at night as much as possible;

·   That a comfortable position is immediately regained.


SetinoTopper is neither too soft to make these movements difficult by increasing awakenings, creating muscle tension or difficulty in the breathing process, nor sufficiently hard to increase pressure points and awakenings.


SetinoTopper is the well-being and perfection of a fibre created by nature and perfected by humans.

 To be continued….

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