SetinoDUO: the natural double bed duvet in silk with differentiated heat

2 weights, 2 heat levels, one comfort

The Setino product range offers the innovative SetinoDUO , the first eco-friendly double natural duvet in silk capable of responding, with a single product, to his and her different needs in terms of comfort and warmth.

Differentiated heat, unique comfort

The ways in which the level of heat / cold is perceived differ from subject to subject.

silk duvet

Numerous studies and researches show that women are more sensitive to temperature changes. The comfort zone they perceive is about 2.5 / 3.0 degrees higher than that of men.

  • male metabolism is 35% faster than that of women, resulting in a difference of about 4 degrees celsius;
  •  Hormones are mainly responsible for these differences, the level of oestrogen in a woman thickening the blood and causing a reduction in the flow in the capillaries of the peripheral areas of the body (hands and feet);
  • Emotional stress phenomena, which women are more subject to, lead to vasoconstriction phenomena that cause greater sensations of cold

Such situations are exacerbated at particular moments in a woman’s life:

  • In pregnancy, the greater flow of blood to the foetus determines a greater perception of cold;
  • During the menstrual cycle, the thermo-receptors work with a much higher intensity in order to maintain constant temperatures in the vital organs, and especially in the uterus;
  • During menopause, changes in hormones cause alternating sensations of heat and cold.

From natural duvet Setino to SetinoDUO

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During the night, different levels of heat / cold can become a source of contrast, with an overall decrease in the overall comfort level:

The SetinoDUO natural silk duvet for a double bed allows you to respond in a natural, sustainable and ecological way to the different needs for heat, thanks to TWO factors:

  • The exceptional and unique thermoregulation characteristics of the 100% Silk T.Silk padding
  • Innovation, production control, customisation that only a true Made in Italy  product is able to guarantee.

The characteristics of SetinoDUO natural duvet

Setino is DUO because:

  • it is the double bed duvet in natural silk ideal for 2 – for him and for her, but also for him / him or her / her;
  • its innovative construction allows to create 2 zones corresponding to the 2 rest zones with 2 different weights of the T.Silk padding;
  • 2 are the microclimates within which the body will define its specific thermal equilibrium with the padding. All in a single product where the differences in terms of padding remain absolutely invisible and noticeable;
  • even in the case of a single person sleeping in a double bed it is possible to take advantage of 2 differentiated heat zones to be used according to needs or to the season.
  • There are 2 versions available in terms of padding weights: 100/180 (summer / spring – spring / autumn) and 200/280 (autumn / winter – winter)
  • 2 are the available dimensions 260 x 240 and 240 x 220
  • There are 2 types of exterior available: exclusive fabric in 100% Silk T.Silk, very fine cotton fabric.

SetinoDUO can also be built and customised on the basis of padding weights and dimensions requested by the customer according to different needs. Contact our “customisation” department (

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