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Made in Italy vs Made in China
Setino: A natural silk duvet and mattress topper made in Italy
promo | 31 March

Setino: A natural silk duvet and mattress topper made in Italy Quality makes all the difference   The Setino and

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sistema seta mulberries
The Mulberries Silk System in Laos
T.Silk Bio | 27 July

The Mulberries Silk System in Laos circularity and enhancement of the fiber Sustainability and circularity are universally recognised values, essentials

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storia della seta
The history of silk
T.Silk Bio | 27 July

The history of silk not only history but centuries-old culture and tradition The History of Silk, its origins, its production

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textiles patchwork
Exclusive T.Silk Silk padding for patchwork & quilt
T.Silk Bio | 5 June

Se sei arrivato a questa pagina probabilmente sei un appassionato/a di patchwork e trapuntature (quilt) o comunque di cucito creativo.

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cover material connexion tessuti
The T.Silk padding enters MaterialconneXion New York
T.Silk Bio | 20 May

Since April 2020 the exclusive and patented T.Silk silk padding products have become part of the database and Library of MaterialconneXion.

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il sole 24 ore articolo cosetex
IlSole24 ore speaks about
T.Silk Bio | 13 May

An interesting article from the fashion section of Il sole24ore, analyses and searches for sustainable alternatives, as well as innovations in the world of padding.

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pompei silk
Silk, Pompeii and Imperial Rome
T.Silk Bio | 1 April

The Naples National Archaeological Museum and its collection of the Ancient Roman Textiles. A series of sensational news and discoveries.

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oekotex padding 100% Silk
Filling and padding
T.Silk Bio | 1 April

Filling and padding To fill it. imbottire, sp. embutir, bass. bret. boutein. To fill clothing or furniture with cotton tow

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neolithic silk
The history of silk: Going further back in times
T.Silk Bio | 11 January

The history of silk: Going further back in times New findings change the history of silk as we used to

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plastic microfibers news
Sustainability of silk padding
T.Silk Bio | 8 October

Sustainability of silk padding Releasing natural vibes instead of plastic microfibers The use of the terms “sustainability” and “eco-sustainability” when

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